Friday, March 27, 2009

Texas Hiatus

Hubby and I are on a much needed two week ... or more ... vacation to the Texas Hill Country. Thought I'd warn ya so you won't think I fell off the face of the earth when I become suddenly ... silent. (Hey, stop applauding out there!)

The doggies are in a loving kennel, the house is in Lock Down mode, the trailer is loaded with food, two motorcycles and various accessories.

We are good to go.

I do plan to keep visiting y'alls blogs of the evenings after long motorcycle rides on those lovely Texas roads. All the hotels we plan to stay at have wireless internet access, except some hoity-toity joint we'll be at in Vanderpool. I'm like Jerry Clower with his TV access. Dang, people, even the Super 8 has internet but not the Vanderpool place that cost about 4 times more! Geez. Well, hubby wants to spend three nights there because the wild bird watching is suppose to be spectacular. It's located on 56 pristine acres with a seven bedroom lodge (we'll have it all to ourselves ... no peeking). It'd had better be worth it, though, to watch me go through withdrawls of the evening from not having my computer hooked up!


One place we are definately going to visit again is the Sister's Creek Winery in Sisterdale. This time I plan on bringing back two cases of Muscat Canelli that are all mine!! Mine, mine, MINE!! Hubby can bring back his own case or cases as the, um, case may be. Good thing we're taking the trailer, is all I can say. Bwwaahhaa!

We're meeting some motorcycling friends, old and new, in the Hill Country. And we're also hoping to get to meet Pappy and wife Bebe face-to-face for the first time.

So, we should have loads of fun and oodles of exploits to tell you about upon our return.

Well, catchya on the flip flop good buddies!!

Postcard Friendship Friday (03/27)

Texas Hill Country

We are going to be in the Texas Hill Country for two weeks or so and thought this would be appropriate for PFF day.

This postcard was found at Legands of America Lost Treasure of the Texas Hill Country website. There are some stories of buried treasure there.

PFF is hosted by my wonderful friend in France, Marie. See her link on the right hand side to visit her blog. She has many lovely vintage postcards. ============================>

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Bath Time Giveaway Prizes

I'm a winner!

Well, at least according to Hidden Haven Homestead, I am. She's a lady in Fayetteville, North Carolina, who makes vibrant-smelling soap from goats milk. I won a prize! Thank you so much Peggy and Mildred!

How did this prize giving come about?

All I had to do was leave a message at Mildred's Nalley Valley blog for the Bath Time Giveaway. And mine was chosen. Easy as falling off a log. [snapping fingers] Let's see, in a nutshell, all I said was "I love speciality soaps. My birthday is in May ... [clearing throat] but I won't get in a lather if I don't win." I'm not always very clever but I am proof positive that sometimes even a blind hog finds an acorn.

And now I can be a clean hawg. [lol]

The package arrived yesterday, for which I was very excited, but I was too dadgum tired to talk about it last night. Hubby and I had traveled to Savannah for my final neurologist visit and we were both slap tuckered by the time we got home.

I'm cleared for take off, by the way, doc said I can ride 'til my heart's content. The bone in my neck is just about all healed up. Praise God for His wonderful mercy.

So, if you enjoy sweet smelling soaps and lovely handmade items, pop on over to Peggy's blog at Hidden Haven Homestead and cruise through the lovely wares. Tell her Howdy from me and Mildred. She's got the sweet smell of success!

Thank you again Peggy.

Hidden Haven Homestead OR her Etsy website
Peggy Lineberry
584 Stoney Point Road
Fayetteville, NC 28304
Telephone: 910-867-1110

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Some Southern Molearchy


I hope he knew his The Ten Commolements because he's now in Mole ... whatever.

Lucy saved the day as Maxie lazily looks on.

I'm going to get Lucy some "Have Boxer Will Travel" cards.

"You want a piece of me Mole??"

For your entertainment, I found a couple of websites pertaining to Mole humor. There is actually a Mole Day in October. Geez, who knew moles could be so humorous? They're just fur bearin' pesty critters in this yard.

Funny Moles Pictures And Some Jokes
Mole Day Jokes

I won't subject you to any mole, ah, I mean, more puns ...

... promise.

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Jean de Florette and Manon of the Spring (1987)

Hubby first watched "Manon of the Spring" after his first colon surgery. He had suffered a ruptured colon from diverticulitis in March 1989 and almost died (I had no idea colons can burst until this happened!). It was truly God's mercy that I got him to the emergency room on time. He had to have a second surgery six weeks later to put everything back together again. It was pretty arduous time for us.

Anyway ...

He was recovering at home, alone, depressed that his life would never be the same, and he watched this on one of the movie channels. It really spoke to him. So, he's enjoyed this series of movies every since. The actor Yves Montand is one of his favorites.

This post is for him.

First in the series is Jean de Florette.

Yves Montand ... Cesar Soubeyran dit Le Papet
Daniel Auteuil ... Ugolin
Emmanuelle Béart ... Manon (as Emmanuelle Beart)

Co-adapted by director Claude Berri from a novel by Marcel Pagnol, this hugely successful French historical drama concerns a bizarre battle royale over a valuable natural spring in a remote French farming community. City dweller Jean Cadoret (Gérard Depardieu) assumes ownership of the spring when the original owner is accidentally killed by covetous farmer Cesar Soubeyran (Yves Montand). Soubeyran and his equally disreputable nephew Ugolin (Daniel Auteuil) pull every dirty trick in the book to force Cadoret off his land, but the novice farmer stands firm. Although the Soubeyrans appear to gain the upper hand, the audience is assured that they will eventually be foiled by the vengeful daughter of the spring's deceased owner -- thus setting the stage for the film's equally successful sequel, Manon of the Spring.
Written by: by Hal Erickson - allmovie

PLOT: In a rural French village an old man and his only remaining relative cast their covetous eyes on an adjoining vacant property. They need its spring water for growing their flowers, so are dismayed to hear the man who has inherited it is moving in. They block up the spring and watch as their new neighbour tries to keep his crops watered from wells far afield through the hot summer. Though they see his desperate efforts are breaking his health and his wife and daughter's hearts they think only of getting the water.
Written by Jeremy Perkins {}

The second movie to watch is Manon of the Spring. "Manon" is pronounced "Man-yon". This is the one I watched and did enjoy it greatly.

Yves Montand ... Cesar Soubeyran dit Le Papet
Daniel Auteuil ... Ugolin
Emmanuelle Béart ... Manon (as Emmanuelle Beart)

PLOT: In this, the sequel to Jean de Florette, Manon (Beart) has grown into a beautiful young shepherdess living in the idyllic Provencal countryside. She determines to take revenge upon the men responsible for the death of her father in the first film.
Written by Martin Urch c/o {}

PLOT: In a rural French village an old man and his only remaining relative are successful flower growers using water from a spring on an adjoining property they now own. The grown-up daughter of the previous owner still lives in the hills as a goatherd and comes to realise that not only these two but the whole village knew of the existence of the spring when her father was desperately trying to water his crops. An accident with one of the goats leads her by chance to the source of the spring and the possibility of a terrible revenge.
Written by Jeremy Perkins {}

What starts out as a story of revenge carried to the second generation evolves into one of forgiveness. It's quite touching and teaches a good lesson about life. I hope y'all enjoy them too.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

It Was A Lazy Day In Paradise

Zephyr Lilies
Zephyr Lilies line the roads and fill the fields this time of year.

Tiger Swallowtail On The Azaleas
The butterflies are beginning to make their Springtime appearances.

Azaleas Are Blooming

Lord's Prayer Statue At Greenlawn Cemetery (Waycross)
Stopped by a local cemetery to see if the office was open. It wasn't. They must not work on Saturdays. I'm going to start surveying this one next and will put the information at FindAGrave for other genealogists. Greenlawn is not old but it is quite large. I really need a map of burial locations before beginning. I'll get to the surveying after our Texas vacation.

Sunset At Red Bird Acres
Well, time for y'all to go in and get ready for bed. Sleep good bloggy buddies. Hope you enjoyed the brief stroll through southeast Georgia. Spring has sprung!! Wahoo! I hope your weather is nice too.

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring And The Waxwings

Cedar Waxwing In A Savannah Holly Tree
Photo By: Steven R. Hudson

The Cedar Waxwings (Bombycilla cedrorum) came through our area this week. They are such lovely birds. I love it when they pass through as it means that Spring has definately arrived. Cedar Waxwings are en route to their summer nesting areas further north.

When they have landed in our yard, they proceeded to strip this tree bare. I don't think there is a single berry left, not even on the ground. The resident mockingbird, who had been guarding it all winter, finally gave up trying to keep the invading hoard off his territory. Poor little guy. At least there are ample bugs out now to keep his belly full.

Spring has sprung, the grass has ris’,
I wonder where the birdie is?
There he is up in the sky,
He dropped some whitewash in my eye!

I‘m alright, I won't cry,
I'm just glad that cows can't fly!

by Anonymous

Happy Spring Y'all!

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Funny Friday And Postcard Friendship Friday (03/20)

For all you who ride "those Triumph death traps" this is for you ... [tee hee] Check out how they embed the motorcycle with humor through osmosis! I always say, British humor is one of the best in the world.

And now for PFF, this is a postcard depicting the first Soviet motorcycle with the engine with the vertical dual cylinders. This machine is (or was) in the Polytechnical museum in Moscow, Russia.


Postcard Friendship Friday is hosted by my wonderful friend Marie. Her link is on the right hand side of this page. ---------------------------------->

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tough Toenails Bubba

Sam Jr.

Poor Sam. He's had a really rough week. He's getting elderly for a miniature schnauzer at over 10 years old, so, things are starting to fall apart. He's lost most of his teeth and his eye sight is failing. He had been groomed a few days ago and since then had been chewing his right toenail like there's no tomorrow. Every 5 mintues I've had to yell at him.

"Quit it!"

"Stop licking!"

"I'm going to slap a knot on your head!" (I didn't.)

Finally, I figured out that something is wrong. (I'm slow ... so sue me.) Hubby took him to the Veterarian in Waycross. Vet said the nail was 'ringed': broken clear back to the quick and all the way around. It must have gotten caught on the groomers cage by accident. In other words, the nail was hanging on by a thread and everytime he'd walk it would shove up into his foot! Owie! The base was cracked. Thus the intense pain. Well, Vet sedated the little guy and removed the entire nail. $146.80 later Sam is back home and sleeping off the drug on our living room floor. He can't jump up yet.

Oh and he's also on amoxicillin antibiotic ... again. I call it "the pink stuff" because I can never remember the drug name. He was on these same antibiotics not more than a few weeks ago from a head cold contracted from a kennel stay.

And the unexpected expenditures never end ... [sigh] Since the stock market seems to be improving, maybe I should invest in this company? My three dogs health 'issues' alone could keep this drug company afloat for years.

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Whatcya Doin'?

Boy, I wish I had this problem. I have been busier than a one-armed paper hanger this week.

But, I'm happy to be busy because my neck and right shoulder are greatly improved that I'm able to actually perform physical labor again! Yay! For quite some time now all I've been able to do without doubling over in pain is my usual duties of paying the household bills. Hubby always opts out of that one, he hates finances, except when it comes to spending money. [grumble] This week I've done my own vacuuming, un-dusting (private joke in our home), cleaning windows, light gardening, bathing dogs, laundry and so forth. Whew. So you see I've been a Busy Bee!

My step mom, Myra, would have been proud. One thing she always had, even up to about six weeks before her passing, was a clean house. This woman had so much stamina that even with suffering from the devastating disease of Alzheimer's, her home would be spotless and smell fresh.

This lady ran a tight ship, let me tell you! I learned how to vacuum properly (there's the wrong way and there's Myra's way), get dust & pet hair out of corners with an old tooth brush, sanitize a bathroom / kitchen like we're getting ready for surgery, etc. And there were no excuses in her mind. Even though I am not that anal about cleanliness (anymore) I do like a clean, or at least tidy, home.

This is no small task with three dogs that do not cooperate! They have their own pet door. I wish I could teach them to wipe their little paws before entering. [lol] They create the bulk of our work around here. [sigh] But, I love them and put up with it.

Well, I'm a little bit sore on my right side but it's OK. I am ecstatic that I can work around the house and pull my own weight. Hubby does a good job on his own and I appreciate his willingness to clean more than words can say. This whole experience would have been absolute misery without his kindness and thoughtfulness. But it's nice to be back in the saddle.

Speaking of that, I plan to ride the motorcycle in a day or two. I know, I know, it's a week before the doctor has released me but I'm gonna try it anyway. Cross your fingers and toes for me? 'ppreciate it.

All in all I am pleased and oh so grateful that things are getting back to normal for this semi-normal person.

So what's going on in your neck of the woods this week friends?

Give thanks to the Lord Almighty, for the Lord is good; his love endures forever (Jeremiah 33:11)

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Eleven Most Expensive Catastrophes In History

# 11. Titanic - $150 Million

The sinking of the Titanic is possibly the most famous accident in the world. But it barely makes our list of top 10 most expensive. On April 15, 1912, the Titanic sank on its maiden voyage and was considered to be the most luxurious ocean liner ever built. Over 1,500 people lost their lives when the ship ran into an iceberg and sunk in frigid waters. The ship cost $7 million to build ($150 million in today's dollars).

# 10. Tanker Truck vs Bridge - $358 Million

On August 26, 2004, a car collided with a tanker truck containing 32,000 liters of fuel on the Wiehltal Bridge in Germany .. The tanker crashed through the guardrail and fell 90 feet off the A4 Autobahn resulting in a huge explosion and fire which destroyed the load-bearing ability of the bridge. Temporary repairs cost $40 million and the cost to replace the bridge is estimated at $318 Million.

# 9. MetroLink Crash - $500 Million

On September 12, 2008, in what was one of the worst train crashes in California history, 25 people were killed when a Metrolink commuter train crashed head-on into a Union Pacific freight train in Los Angeles . It is thought that the Metrolink train may have run through a red signal while the conductor was busy text messaging. Wrongful death lawsuits are expected to cause $500 million in losses for Metrolink.

# 8. B-2 Bomber Crash - $1.4 Billion

Here we have our first billion dollar accident (and we're only at #7 on the list). This B-2 stealth bomber crashed shortly after taking off from an air base in Guam on February 23, 2008. Investigators blamed distorted data in the flight control computers caused by moisture in the system. This resulted in the aircraft making a sudden nose-up move which made the B-2 stall and crash. This was 1 of only 21 ever built and was the most expensive aviation accident in history. Both pilots were able to eject to safety.

# 7. Exxon Valdez - $2.5 Billion

The Exxon Valdez oil spill was not a large one in relation to the world's biggest oil spills, but it was a costly one due to the remote location of Prince William Sound (accessible only by helicopter and boat). On March 24, 1989, 10.8 million gallons of oil was spilled when the ship's master, Joseph Hazelwood, left the controls and the ship crashed into a Reef. The cleanup cost Exxon $2.5 billion.

# 6. Piper Alpha Oil Rig - $3.4 Billion

The world's worst off-shore oil disaster. At one time, it was the world's single largest oil producer, spewing out 317,000 barrels of oil per day. On July 6, 1988, as part of routine maintenance, technicians removed and checked safety valves which were essential in preventing dangerous build-up of liquid gas. There were 100 identical safety valves which were checked. Unfortunately, the technicians made a mistake and forgot to replace one of them. At 10 PM that same night, a technician pressed a start button for the liquid gas pumps and the world's most expensive oil rig accident was set in motion.
Within 2 hours, the 300 foot platform was engulfed in flames. It eventually collapsed, killing 167 workers and resulting in $3.4 Billion in damages.

# 5. Challenger Explosion - $5.5 Billion

The Space Shuttle Challenger was destroyed 73 seconds after takeoff due on January 28, 1986 due to a faulty O-ring. It failed to seal one of the joints, allowing pressurized gas to reach the outside. This in turn caused the external tank to dump its payload of liquid hydrogen causing a massive explosion. The cost of replacing the Space Shuttle was $2 billion in 1986 ($4.5 billion in today's dollars). The cost of investigation, problem correction, and replacement of lost equipment cost $450 million from 1986-1987 ($1 Billion in today's dollars).

# 4. Prestige Oil Spill - $12 Billion

On November 13, 2002, the Prestige oil tanker was carrying 77,000 tons of heavy fuel oil when one of its twelve tanks burst during a storm off Galicia, Spain. Fearing that the ship would sink, the captain called for help from Spanish rescue workers, expecting them to take the ship into harbour. However, pressure from local authorities forced the captain to steer the ship away from the coast. The captain tried to get help from the French and Portuguese authorities, but they too ordered the ship away from their shores. The storm eventually took its toll on the ship resulting in the tanker splitting in half and releasing 20 million gallons oil into the sea.
According to a report by the Pontevedra Economist Board, the total cleanup cost $12 billion.

# 3. Space Shuttle Columbia - $13 Billion

The Space Shuttle Columbia was the first space worthy shuttle in NASA's orbital fleet. It was destroyed during re-entry over Texas on February 1, 2003 after a hole was punctured in one of the wings during launch 16 days earlier. The original cost of the shuttle was $2 Billion in 1978. That comes out to $6.3 Billion in today's dollars. $500 million was spent on the investigation, making it the costliest aircraft accident investigation in history. The search and recovery of debris cost $300 million.
In the end, the total cost of the accident (not including replacement of the shuttle) came out to $13 Billion according to the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

# 2. Chernobyl - $200 Billion

On April 26, 1986, the world witnessed the costliest accident in history. The Chernobyl disaster has been called the biggest socio-economic catastrophe in peacetime history. 50% of the area of Ukraine is in some way contaminated. Over 200,000 people had to be evacuated and resettled while 1.7 million people were directly affected by the disaster. The death toll attributed to Chernobyl, including people who died from cancer years later, is estimated at 125,000. The total costs including cleanup, resettlement, and compensation to victims has been estimated to be roughly $200 Billion. The cost of a new steel shelter for the Chernobyl nuclear plant will cost $2 billion alone. The accident was officially attributed to power plant operators who violated plant procedures and were ignorant of the safety requirements needed.

# 1. 2008 Stimulus Plan

$800 Billion in the first month??? And 53% of our population thought this would be OK.

"Oh, waiter ... check please?!"

Oh, that's right, we've already paid for all this. Including our children, grand-children, great-grandchildren, etc. etc.

It's not just the Dem's, this includes the Republican politians that signed on-board for the phoney stimulus too!

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day And An Anniversary

Today is a very special day for hubby and I. 30 years ago we had our first official "date".

Let's see if can briefly explain all the ins and outs of 30 years ago without boring my bloggy friends to tears.

We had known one another for about a year by that March in 1979. We had first met on a SCUBA diving trip to the Florida Keys with a bunch of other divers in April of 1978. I was married to someone else then but we weren't happy. I had made a dreadful mistake and knew it. Hubby-to-be and I accidentally got paired up (one always has a diving buddy) for reasons I can't remember now. We hit it off bit time. That night the whole dive party was seated at the local Keys restaurant and we ended up sitting together. I fell head-over-heels in love with him. He was so personable, humble, intelligent and downright charming. But, being a married lady, I didn't do or say anything about it. Not because I was shy (perish the thought!) but because I was already married and believed in keeping ones obligations until the bitter end. It's just one of my core beliefs. And I may be a lot of things but I'm not one of 'those' things. [lol]

My marriage to first husband finally crumbled. He wasn't a bad guy or physically abusive but we were definitely mismatched. The marriage was over, kaput, finished. First husband had asked for the divorce and I agreed. It was mutual. No contest. I moved out immediately. So sad to watch a marriage die. But one must learn when to move on.

Hubby-to-be and I were still casual friends. He learned in a roundabout way from a mutual friend about the impending divorce. I was staying with said mutual friend that I worked with (she had graciously allowed me to room with her until my new apartment was ready) and hubby-to-be called this friends home. I answered and immediately said "Oh, (friend) isn't here ..." But, Glory Be he had called to talk to ME! I was so thrilled. We set the date, March 17th which happened to be a Saturday that year. We enjoyed our supper at the local Shrimpy's. And we've been together as a couple ever since.

Cool, huh?

Thus begins our 6 month long celebration this year of all our first times together as a couple. He asked me to marry him April 1st. Yeah, April Fools Day! And he did it on bended knee and gave me a gold bracelet. He was so concerned I would think he was joking that he bought the bracelet with his meager salary in hopes I would say "Yes". Bless his heart. Liked I'd say No to him. [pfftt]

I caught him!

Our 30th wedding anniversary is August 11th. We're planning a big get together in Waycross with friends at one of our local favorite restaurants. Then, with doggies safely tucked away in a kennel and the house all locked down, we take off for a foreign land called New England. Never been there, so, I thought this would be a good time to go. It's bloody hot here in the southeast. Hopefully, New England will be cooler with friendly natives. Pray for us, 'k? [roflol] JK - I'm not worried about the locals. I think I can take 'em ... [snort]

Now, if you're still awake (just drink more coffee, it's almost over). Let's get back to the holiday. I had the idea of posting this from my good bloggy friend Lanny.

How about ...

Saint Patrick Icon

A Little History About Today

St. Patrick's Breastplate is contained in the ancient Book of Armagh, from the early ninth century. along with Patrick's authentic "Confession." St. Patrick is said to have written this prayer to strengthen himself with God's protection as he prepared to confront and convert Loegaire, high king of Ireland. I see in it some similarities to Paul's exhortation to "put on the whole armor of God" (Ephesians 6:10-18), except that it is much more detailed. I recommend St. Patrick's prayer to you as a wonderful prayer of spiritual preparedness.

I bind to myself today
The strong virtue of the Invocation of the Trinity:
I believe the Trinity in the Unity
The Creator of the Universe.

I bind to myself today
The virtue of the Incarnation of Christ with His Baptism,
The virtue of His crucifixion with His burial,
The virtue of His Resurrection with His Ascension,
The virtue of His coming on the Judgement Day.

I bind to myself today
The virtue of the love of seraphim,
In the obedience of angels,
In the hope of resurrection unto reward,
In prayers of Patriarchs,
In predictions of Prophets,
In preaching of Apostles,
In faith of Confessors,
In purity of holy Virgins,
In deeds of righteous men.

I bind to myself today
The power of Heaven,
The light of the sun,
The brightness of the moon,
The splendour of fire,
The flashing of lightning,
The swiftness of wind,
The depth of sea,
The stability of earth,
The compactness of rocks.

I bind to myself today
God's Power to guide me,
God's Might to uphold me,
God's Wisdom to teach me,
God's Eye to watch over me,
God's Ear to hear me,
God's Word to give me speech,
God's Hand to guide me,
God's Way to lie before me,
God's Shield to shelter me,
God's Host to secure me,
Against the snares of demons,
Against the seductions of vices,
Against the lusts of nature,
Against everyone who meditates injury to me,
Whether far or near,
Whether few or with many.

I invoke today all these virtues
Against every hostile merciless power
Which may assail my body and my soul,
Against the incantations of false prophets,
Against the black laws of heathenism,
Against the false laws of heresy,
Against the deceits of idolatry,
Against the spells of women, and smiths, and druids,
Against every knowledge that binds the soul of man.

Christ, protect me today
Against every poison, against burning,
Against drowning, against death-wound,
That I may receive abundant reward.

Christ with me, Christ before me,
Christ behind me, Christ within me,
Christ beneath me, Christ above me,
Christ at my right, Christ at my left,
Christ in the fort, [i.e., at home]
Christ in the chariot seat, [i.e., travelling by land]
Christ in the poop. [i.e., travelling by water]

Christ in the heart of everyone who thinks of me,
Christ in the mouth of everyone who speaks to me,
Christ in every eye that sees me,
Christ in every ear that hears me.

I bind to myself today
The strong virtue of an invocation of the Trinity,
I believe the Trinity in the Unity
The Creator of the Universe.

Other translations are also available. In 1889, Cecil Frances Alexander (1818-1895), penned the following version at the request of H. H. Dickinson, Dean of the Chapel Royal at Dublin Castle. He recalls, "I wrote to her suggesting that she should fill a gap in our Irish Church Hymnal by giving us a metrical version of St. Patrick’s "Lorica" and I sent her a carefully collated copy of the best prose translations of it. Within a week she sent me that exquisitely beautiful as well as faithful version which appears in the appendix to our Church Hymnal." The traditional (but not very memorable) tune, was written by Charles V. Stanford (1902). (Information obtained from where a MIDI of the music is available.)


Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig
(Gaelic for Happy St. Patrick's Day)!

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Bruce Maloy, Hometown Hero

Somehow, I missed this event in the news recently. I remember my bloggy friend Janeen mentioning this in passing but it didn't stick in my memory because we have a needy neighbor who is eating up a lot of my time. I'm really concerned about my neighbor (how do people let their lives get into such a pickle!?), but that's not what this is about today.

It's about a Hometown Hero in southern Alabama.

I am a Maloy family researcher. They are my blood-kin via my birthfather of the KEITH family clan. My particular branch of Maloy live/lived mostly in southern Alabama in Geneva and Coffee counties. Unfortunately, I don't know any of these good folks as I was adopted out of the family.

Alabama Welder Hailed as Hero For Trying to Stop Mass Murderer
Friday, March 13, 2009
Associated Press

SAMSON, Alabama — Many around Samson knew Bruce Maloy as their town's comedian, a goodhearted, wiry little jokester who was always boasting about hitting it big someday.

In life, he never really got the spotlight he was seeking. But in the days following the massacre that shattered their small Alabama community, some have dropped the comedian label and replaced it with another: Hero.

On Friday, witnesses and authorities said Maloy, the 10th and final victim of Tuesday's shooting rampage by Michael McLendon, single-handedly tried to end the violence with his beat-up old pickup truck.

With gunshots still echoing through downtown Samson and the killer headed toward a bigger city 12 miles away, Maloy chased McLendon's dark red Mitsubishi out of town, ramming the vehicle at least once.

Maloy slowed down the killer briefly, and he may have given police and state troopers time to catch up to McLendon, said Geneva County Chief Deputy Tony Helms. But it cost him his life.

"There's a hero in all of this that nobody is talking about, and that's Bruce Maloy," said Jim Stromenger, a dispatcher with the Samson Police Department.

McLendon shot the 51-year-old welder to death at a lonesome spot on Alabama 52 before eluding police in Geneva and killing himself with a single gunshot to the head at a former workplace, Reliable Products.

"Whether Bruce was following him in an attempt to find out where he went, stop him, I don't know. But I think he deserves recognition for what he did," said Helms.
Helms was one of two officers involved in a dizzying, final shootout with McLendon at Reliable Products, where the killer ran inside and killed himself.

A divorced father with three grown children, Maloy lived in an old trailer off a dirt road on the outskirts of town. Christmas lights still hang from the side.

Maloy's youngest child, 19-year-old Eva Maloy, helped his ex-wife and friends gather a few items from his home Friday as others made funeral arrangements. She's not exactly sure what her father did that day, but the idea of him giving his life to help others wasn't surprising.

"It sounds like him," said Maloy.

Initial reports depicted Maloy as the final victim of random gunshots sprayed by McLendon after he killed his mother, four more relatives and four others in the Alabama's worst mass killing. A truer picture emerged when investigators spoke with witnesses, piecing together details of McLendon's 24-mile path of death, Helms said.
Maloy was stopped at a traffic light on Main Street in Samson, headed west toward his home. Shots rang out to his left at the Big Little Store, and McLendon pulled out of the parking lot going east toward Geneva.

Two workers at Samson Feed and Seed saw Maloy whip his ragged old Isuzu pickup to the left, doing a U-turn and gunning it as he took off after McLendon.

With Maloy behind him, McLendon shot at a hardware store and a car stopped at a red light and kept going. Within seconds, Craig Harrison saw both vehicles speed past his business.

"The car came by and Bruce was right behind him. He wasn't two car lengths away from him," said Harrison, who formerly employed Maloy at Craig's Cycle and Marine. Harrison heard two more shots and believes McLendon was trying to get Maloy off his tail.

Maloy's chase ended 2.4 miles from where it began. Damage to the front of Maloy's truck indicates he rammed McLendon at least once, and the Mitsubishi had damage to its rear, although a police car could have done that.

Near a pipe plant just inside the city limits, McLendon fired at least three shots at Maloy after a collision. Two bullets hit metal, a third went through the windshield and struck Maloy.

Some people didn't like being around Maloy because he was such a big talker, Harrison said. He could be a little obnoxious with his joking and boasting.
But Samson now knows him as someone much different.

"He needs some recognition for what he did," said Harrison. "It was something he always wanted, and now the old boy won't see it."

This article is at FoxNews.

Rest in peace, cousin. May God bless you and your family.

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sisterhood Award

My exceedingly funny and multi-talented bloggy friend Muse Swings gave me an award today. Way cool! I'm totally delighted and very humbled. Thanks 'Moosey Musey'. I'll wear it with pride.

Now, I'm suppose to share it.

No problem.

But unfortunately, and I apologize for this, I don't have time to spell out all my bloggy friends today and I do love you all. I wouldn't want to accidentaly skip someone. I enjoy hearing about your lives and the wonderful comments that get left here for me to read. That means a lot to me. You are very appreciated my friends. So, if you're here at my blog, feel free to 'take' the Award. I'll share it will all my sisters in Christ, including back to Muse Swings.

Have a wonderful Sunday! God bless y'all. Thanks for stopping by.

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What's Up, Doc? (1972)

What's Up Doc? (1972)

This is one of my all time, absolute, compared to none, fav-or-ite movie. It is A Numbero Uno with me.

"What's Up Doc?" was directed by Peter Bogdanovich and written by Buck Henry. They made a good team, at least in the movie world, that is.

Barbra Streisand plays the lead role of Judy Maxwell. There's a twist at the end that is just a riot.

Ryan O'Neal plays the male lead role of Dr. Howard Bannister. He made an excellent Straight Man.

It has many big name stars one of which was the then unknown Madeline Kuhn in her first starring role as Eunice Burns. Gosh, she was funny in this movie. Poor thing died of cancer in December 3rd, 1999. I miss her comedy.

If you haven't seen the movie, this is the synopsis according to Wikipedia:

What's Up, Doc? is a screwball comedy from 1972. It was intended to pay homage to comparable motion pictures of the 1930s, such as "Bringing Up Baby" (released by RKO Pictures), as well as the Bugs Bunny cartoons — which, like this film, were made by Warner Bros. Pictures.

The story, which takes place in San Francisco, centers on four identical plaid overnight bags and the people who own them.

One of the bags belongs to Howard Bannister, Ph.D. (played by O'Neal), and is filled with igneous "tambula" rocks that have certain musical properties. Bannister, a musicologist from the Iowa Conservatory of Music, and his tightly-wound, overbearing fiancée, Eunice Burns (Madeline Kahn), have come to San Francisco from Iowa in the hope of winning a grant funded by Frederick Larrabee (Austin Pendleton). Howard has a theory about how ancient man may have used rocks to create music. Howard's rival for the grant is the ethically-challenged, dubiously-accented Hugh Simon (Kenneth Mars), who apparently is from Yugoslavia (Croatia) but seems to be doing work in Western Europe.

The second bag belongs to Judy Maxwell (Streisand), and is filled with her clothes, and, interestingly enough, a large dictionary. No matter where Judy goes, trouble happens, from car crashes to spontaneous combustion of hotel rooms. She never finished college, but nevertheless has amassed a considerable amount of knowledge from all of the courses she took at the many institutions of higher learning from which she was expelled.

The third bag belongs to Mrs. Van Hoskins (Mabel Albertson), a rich woman who is using it to store her valuable jewels.

The fourth and last overnight bag belongs to the mysterious "Mr. Smith" (Michael Murphy) and contains top-secret government papers. There is at least some indication that he has them illegally and wishes to make them public. The equally mysterious "Mr. Jones" (Philip Roth) identifies himself as a being from the government, and is on a mission to recover the documents.

Howard, Eunice, Mrs. Van Hoskins, and Mr. Smith all happen to check into the Hotel Bristol at the same time, whereupon Judy lodges herself there without paying and begins pursuing Howard (to his bewilderment), two hotel employees (Sorrell Booke and Stefan Gierasch) attempt to steal the jewels belonging to Mrs. Van Hoskins, and Mr. Jones attempts to get the bag belonging to Mr. Smith. Over the course of the evening, the bags get switched willy-nilly from room to room as the four parties unwittingly take one another's suitcases. Howard ends up with the jewels, Judy with the documents, Mr. Smith with the clothes, and the thieves end up with the rocks. Few people ever actually open the bags to confirm that what they think they have is what they actually possess. Meanwhile, Judy manages both to secure the grant for Howard while masquerading as Eunice and to destroy his hotel room. The following day, everyone makes their way to Mr. Larrabee's home where a shooting ensues, Howard and Judy take all the bags and are chased up and down the hills of San Francisco on a delivery bike and a Volkswagon Beetle (after they crash the bike into a costume shop) by the thieves, Mr. Smith, Mr. Jones, Eunice, Simon, Larabee and a few roped-in bystanders. They go through Chinatown, down Lombard Street, and eventually into San Francisco Bay. All the protagonists finally end up in court, under the gavel of a world-weary and curmudgeonly judge (Liam Dunn) who, improbably, turns out to be Judy's father.

WARNING: Below is the Spoiler!.
In the end, everything is cleared up, Mrs. Van Hoskins pays the considerable damages in Howard's name with the reward money he would have received for the return of her jewels, the hotel thieves are forced to flee the country and the papers are put back in the hands of the government (though perhaps not for long...). More importantly, Judy exposes Simon as a fraud and plagiarist, Eunice leaves Howard for Larabee and Judy announces she is taking one more pass at college — studying Music History at the Iowa Conservatory of Music. The film ends a suitably romantic (and silly) note as Howard and Judy share an airborne kiss while their in-flight movie shows the Bugs Bunny cartoon that gave the film its name.


I love this movie and never tire of watching it. I'm not a 'fan' of Barbara Streisand as I don't like her as a person nor her politics. (This was made back before she was so nutty.) But whenever I need a Pick Me Up, I pop in the DVD and it's instant joy. I hope you enjoy it too.

Have a great Sunday y'all!

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Obituary For Common Sense

It's 'funny' as I was going to post the Obituary For Common Sense anyway when I read this at FoxNews today. They'd have a cow with me as I always carry a 9mm in my pants pocket! Ewww, better lock down the schools and run for cover! Gosh. I hope this poor lady has a good defender and takes her kids out of the Public School. Money talks ...

Maine Mother Charged With Packing Pistol in Pants While Picking Children Up at School

"LEWISTON, Maine — Police say a Lewiston woman is facing charges after showing up at an elementary school with a handgun tucked into the waistband of her pants.

Police say 30-year-old Tylor Austin had a 9 mm pistol when she walked into the principal's office at Montello Elementary School to pick up her three children Friday morning. She is charged with possession of a firearm on school property.

Lt. Mark Cornelio said Austin didn't make any threats and later told police she was carrying the gun for self-defense after taking out a protection order arising from a bad relationship. The school went into lockdown before police arrived. Nobody was hurt."


Of course, no one was hurt ... sadly, what's below really fits in modern America.

NOTE: I didn't write the Obituary. I wish I knew who the Author was as I'd like to give them credit. It's pure genius! :o)


Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as:

Knowing when to come in out of the rain; Why the early bird gets the worm; Life isn't always fair; and maybe it was my fault.

Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don't spend more than you can earn) and reliable strategies (adults, not children, are in charge).

His health began to deteriorate rapidly when well-intentioned but overbearing regulations were set in place. Reports of a 6-year-old boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate; teens suspended from school for using mouthwash after lunch; and a teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly student, only worsened his condition.

Common Sense lost ground when parents attacked teachers for doing the job that they themselves had failed to do in disciplining their unruly children.

It declined even further when schools were required to get parental consent to administer sun lotion or an aspirin to a student; but could not inform parents when a student became pregnant and wanted to have an abortion. Common Sense lost the will to live as the churches became businesses; and criminals received better treatment than their victims.

Common Sense took a beating when you couldn't defend yourself from a burglar in your own home and the burglar could sue you for assault.

Common Sense finally gave up the will to live, after a woman failed to realize that a steaming cup of coffee was hot. She spilled a little in her lap, and was promptly awarded a huge settlement.

Common Sense was preceded in death, by his parents, Truth and Trust, by his wife, Discretion, by his daughter, Responsibility, and by his son, Reason.

He is survived by his 4 stepbrothers:

I Know My Rights

I Want It Now

Someone Else Is To Blame

I'm A Victim

Not many attended his funeral because so few realized he was gone.

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Postcard Friendship Friday (03/13)

Now how about this unique postcard someone found on eBay:

"Offered for sale on eBay is a possibly unique post card signed by Elvis and posted on January 15th 1955 (using a 2 cent stamp).

The post card reads "Dear Al. Your a heart breaker if you don't help me with my "Milk Cow Blues Boogie." Sun Records Thanks Elvis Presley" and it is addressed to Al Robinson KSYL Alexandria La.

The post card was taped in Al's scrap book so there are some tape marks on the edge.

Robinson tells the story about the postcard and about the only booking of an Elvis show he ever did (for 165 dollars) on the clip below.

In case you're wondering: bidding begins at 250,000 $US." Source: Elvis Information Network

Postcard Friendship Friday is hosted by my friend Marie at Voila! Vintage Postcards. Pay her lovely blog a visit if y'all have time.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Don't Hurt No Mo'

Today, I was able to ride the mower to mulch the leaves on our acreage for the first time in literally months! My neck surgery to fuse two discs together was February 4th, so, I consider this healing to be quite rapid. No more neck pain, no more numbness on the right side, no more sitting for hours in my easy chair with a heating pad trying to alleviate the ache.

However, I got this far from the house on the 4 acres that's open (the rest is all natural) ... and had to stop. I was starting to ache and I freaked. I eased the mower up towards the house and hollered, "Honey! Can you finish this please?"

Honey did. Even though he is so congested from the dust and pollen he could barely breath, poor guy. Out he bounded from the house and hopped on the zero turning radius mower. My hero. "I'll have a cold one waiting on ya when you're done, babe." And I did.

I laughingly refer to this part of the yard as The Back 40. See the cemetery way in the background? That's the Mill Creek Cemetery which is over 100 years old. I help the caretaker watch for 4 wheelers and other unauthorized trespassers.

So I walked around the yard with the camera, since my mowing enterprise was temporarily curtailed. Boy, do we need rain ... badly! However, there's a few flowers starting to bloom, mostly wild flowers. However, the Red Honeysuckle is doing pretty good in spite of the drought.

And for some weird reason, I took a photo of the front door. I carry this Red Bird Acres thing to the extreme. Ya think!? [lol]

Anyway, I was so excited, I had to let everyone know how much better I feel. I'll bet next will be *(drum roll please)* a motorcycle ride!! Wahoo! Then I can break in my new helmet.

Opps, hope that's not a poor choice of words.

Hope y'all are doin' good too and have a great evening!

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