I've had lots of cats, but it's like "they" say, nothing loves you like a dog.

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Jack and Sam the III

The newest addition to our menagerie are the brothers, Jack and Sam the III.
Born 15 July 2013, we bought them at Callahan Kennels in Kingsland, Georgia. They sure are fun to watch, tearing around our fenced in 6 acres. The squirrels live in terror (and they deserve it). We even nicknamed them the Jack Russell Terrorists. At first Lucy (Boxer, now deceased) was annoyed with them but now she seems to enjoy their company. She's never had puppies but she treats them like they are hers.

 Jack "helping" me find interesting mushrooms.

Sam the III and his award winning smile.

Their comedic antics and sweet ways have endeared them to us. They are definitely a part of the family now. Jack's not very healthy now (2023) but Sammy is still happy and healthy. 

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Maggie is a rescue. At first I named her Precious but after awhile I decided to name her after a dear friend that had passed into glory a few years ago. We found Maggie and her two siblings on the side of the road way out here in the county one cold October day in 2018. Unfortunately, we managed to only capture two of them, her and, we assume, her brother I called Sport. The other ran off somewhere deep into the swampy area never to be seen again. That broke my heart we couldn't get them all. I'm old and can't venture into uncharted territory anymore. Anyway, took both dog's to the Vet for shots, surgery, medicine, etc. The Vet determined that they are mostly or all Feist. After a few weeks to make sure he was healthy, we sold Sport for a small fee to a nice family in a neighboring County. I remember he was in construction. I miss Sport often. Wish we could have kept him too, but it is what it is.  I tried to sell or give away Maggie too but no one wanted her. Hmmm ... Turns out Maggie is by far the BEST dog I have ever owned. She is friendly, lively, intellegent, healthy, clean and fun loving. She is my almost constant buddy now. When I feel down or sick she sits on me trying to will me better. What a good dog!!  πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸΆ From now on I'm gonna let God pick my dog's instead of trying to buy a certain breed. HE knew what I needed before I knew I needed her. She really is a treasure.