Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring And The Waxwings

Cedar Waxwing In A Savannah Holly Tree
Photo By: Steven R. Hudson

The Cedar Waxwings (Bombycilla cedrorum) came through our area this week. They are such lovely birds. I love it when they pass through as it means that Spring has definately arrived. Cedar Waxwings are en route to their summer nesting areas further north.

When they have landed in our yard, they proceeded to strip this tree bare. I don't think there is a single berry left, not even on the ground. The resident mockingbird, who had been guarding it all winter, finally gave up trying to keep the invading hoard off his territory. Poor little guy. At least there are ample bugs out now to keep his belly full.

Spring has sprung, the grass has ris’,
I wonder where the birdie is?
There he is up in the sky,
He dropped some whitewash in my eye!

I‘m alright, I won't cry,
I'm just glad that cows can't fly!

by Anonymous

Happy Spring Y'all!

♥ ∞


Anonymous said...

Once we had cedar waxwings to strip our nandina bushes bare. They are so pretty! You two have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

That poem really brought a tear to my eye. I guess it was a tear. I think Al Gore said that cows could fly and they were responsible for a lot of pollution and of course global warming.

D.K.Fisher said...

What a beautiful bird! I can't say that I have ever seen one of those, will have to keep a lookout for that one. Nice Shot!

Chris Overstreet said...

Eventually the birds will figure out that it's better to wait a while, and let the berries ferment. Then you'll have more time to enjoy the view, and the birds will get more enjoyment too!

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Mildred ~ The Waxwings are guaranteed to strip anything with berries bare. Thanks, we will. One more week to vacation! Wahoo!

Carey ~ Nothing like cow pie to ruin a day.

D.K. ~ They are beautiful. The photos really didn't do them justice. We need a bigger (more expensive) lense.

Chris ~ Funny story: one year a pyrocanthia bush's berries did ferment. You could actually smell the alcohol. Robins came through and ate them off the ground. Those poor birds were wobbling around the yard in a stuper for hours! It was so funny. They were probably hungover the next day though ... ha ha

Thanks y'all for stopping by! ♥ ∞

Betsy said...

Hi Sparky! I've seen you around blogland for months and thought I'd stop by and say hello! I love waxwings...beautiful! They look a little like Batman with that mask across their eyes! :) They've eaten all of our crabapples left from last fall recently.

Janeen said...

That is a funny poem! ha ha Oh Sparky, how do you do it?

JBA said...

There were two darling Chickadees munching on something in our big pine tree this morning. They were very happy indeed. I bet you have more birds than we do, I can never remember to keep the feeders filled! Happy Saturday and Happy Spring to you, Sparky!!!

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Betsy ~ They are like little Batmen! Very cute. :o) My crabapple hybrids are dieing from this insufferable drought. We need rain! Thanks for stopping by.

Janeen ~ Cut and paste (I got it off the internet ... tee hee). :o)

Jennifer ~ I wondered where you've been? Hope you're not sick just taking a hiatus. I miss your funny posts! Y'all will have birds in a few more weeks when it warms up, have no fear. ♥ ∞

Lanny said...

It will be quite a while yet before we see the cedar waxwing, they spend the whole summer here, they arrive just in time for cherry season.