Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Tuesday Tidbits

Thank you for the birthday greetings and well wishes! Yesterday was really nice. First we stopped by our watering hole Southern Sippin' for a cuppa their specialty coffee. Then we took off shopping in Waycross for a couple of hours. I'd venture to say that I have hung at least 40 wind chimes all over the property, in the garden, on the porches, and inside the house. I've been wanting a new wind chime (like, I don't have enough all ready!). Steve understand my "addiction" and took me to Tractor Supply to pick out another one.
I had a really difficult time deciding which one to bring home! They all looked so pretty. This one the butterflies twirl in the middle and has the loveliest mellow jingle underneath. My dear friend Vicki gifted specialty coffee called "Jamacia Me Crazy" and a pair of 4th of July earrings. She's always so sweet.

Today it's back to normal operating procedures. I'm washing clothes, cleaning the house, watering the flowers, picking up limbs (gently) in the yard, and so forth. Oh, and posting here, of course. I want to mow but Steve said, "Um, that's a big negatory!" 😁 He's more worried about me reinjuring the finger than I am. 

Our Church's new ministry is scheduled to start tomorrow. Many of us had been praying for a more active participation in the community to lead the lost to Christ and edify our neighbors. God laid it on our Pastor's heart to show up at the Rehab Center where his wife is currently residing to sing Hymns, witness, break bread with, pray with and give comfort to those that possibly have no one to care or anyone local to visit. I do so worry that some may not feel needed or loved. That's a terrible emotional state to be in. So a few of us have agreed to meet there around 10 am for a couple of hours a week. It's quite a distance for some in the Church, so, I am praying we can all afford the fuel to get there and back. I feel confident, though, that the good Lord God of all will provide according to His will. He always does. May it bring Him glory and more crowns to cast at Jesus' feet on that Glorious Day.

I'll leave y'all with this. Let's pray for boldness to keep witnessing for Christ, being generous & kind, and looking up for Him, and that we may be removed out of the way soon of the wrath to come. The Age of Grace clock must be swiftly running out. This in His Holy Word came to me this morning during devotional. God bless y'all. Thanks for stopping by.  πŸ’“

Monday, May 20, 2024

Monday Musings And Another Birthday


This weekend was massive amounts of rain which meant it was very quiet. I'm half way through the book God's Smuggler by Brother Andrew. What a life he's lead for Jesus! Such an amazing story.

Then Sunday evening after supper we received an urgent text message from our dear niece in Jacksonville, Florida that her husband was in the Emergency Room with strange back pain that could "possibly be blood clots, kidney stones, gall bladder, pulmonary embolism, pleurisy or late stage flu." His blood pressure was really elevated too. We suited up with the armor of God's Holy Word and went into prayer warrior mode and called into action all the Church for prayer. I know God's got this. As I write this (late Sunday evening) we're still waiting for results but it "could be" pneumonia. Something called "multi focal pneumonia". Possibly also diabetic with a cardiac event. Golly. I'll probably know more by later today.

This is me as a newborn from 68 years ago! 🎈 πŸ₯³ I was 2 days old in the photo. It's true that time flies when you're having fun because it seems like I just graduated from High School and was heading out into the unknown. Today, Steve is taking me shopping, then he will be cooking me a special meal for supper. I would say he would also treat me with doing the dishes but he's been doing that since my finger boondoggle.

The finger, by the way, is doing extremely well! The stitches fell out last Friday. The brace has been off, except to sleep, since then. I'm doing the finger stretching exercises the Doc gave me at the last visit. Plus I'm back to typing with both hands again. Thank you Lord Jesus. Healing is rapid when off the sugar & carb's. That says a lot. I don't ever want to go back to being a sugar addict. 

I'll leave y'all with a giggle (or two) for the day. I hope your day is special, happy, and full of His grace too. 

I'm outta here. Let's roll! 


Thursday, May 16, 2024

Thursday Thoughts

Ok, I know, it's only been one week but I've decided that the new space age brace has got to stay off πŸ˜¬ except to sleep or if I leave the house! It's making me coo coo bananas! Whilst at home I'm going to spend this time gently flexing the fingers and wrist. I don't want to lose flexibility in these fingers. The left is me clutch hand. This may not be the smartest thing I've done all year but I'm going to give it a go. I am healing super fast since I don't eat sugar/carbs. Even the bruising is already gone!

So, Steve has very kindly volunteered to ride to Walgreen's to buy one of these for me to wear on the pinky around the house:

The splint is only $7.29. I pray it does the trick. Hope I'm not being foolish.
And, yes, I said he'd ride. 😎 Little stinker. Not fair I wanna ride too. 😁 The temp's have been pleasant of the morning. Isn't he cute in all his gear ladies? πŸ˜ We try to always ATGATT (all the gear all the time) when motorcycling. Safety is cuteness on two wheels .. to me. 

Guess I'll play around with me genealogy sites while he's out being sweet. Can't get into any finger problems there. πŸ˜œ Thanks for stopping by and for your prayers.


Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Tuesday Tidbits


Hi y'all! Just briefly because the trauma to my finger is making me weary with all errands and housekeeping that still must be performed.

It has been raining like gangbusters for the past 12 to 18 hours. Our poorly maintained country dirt road is a bloody sloppy mess. Yesterday the battery in our 4 year old Nissan Frontier pickup died. These new jell batteries give one zero warning when they are about to quit. God is good. At least it's up under the carport and we do have other transportation. So, that must be dealt with today. In the pouring rain. 

The Ortho Doc's office called in a new antibiotic for me. It's Sulfameth/Trimeth 400-80mg. Had my first pill with breakfast. So far, so good. No tummy upset or nausea or the other end. πŸ₯Ή

Our Church has decided to take on a new ministry which has me very excited! I'll share more later.

Amen?!? Well, we still need groceries. Guess we'd better get to it. 

Thanks for asking, praying and hanging on with me through all this. Y'all are the best!! At least with all this time on my hands (pun intended) I've been praying for all of us and you more. May your day be blessed.


Monday, May 13, 2024

Monday Musings

A brief weekend recap:

Forgot to mention that on Friday I was given my new space age splint. It is infinitely more comfortable than the quick, bulky wrap received at Hospital. The young fella that wrapped my hand did a good job but it was really uncomfortable to wear for too long. The new one can get wet or be removed easily. Super cool.

Saturday, we drove around the County looking at homes For Sale for Steve's little sister and family. They're hoping that soon they can list their South Florida home on the market to live here. All this exploring is adding to my knowledge about our area that even after over 35 years I didn't know! To me looking at land and houses is fun.

After returning home I was walking one of my prayer circles around the property. (That's when I try to go through the entire prayer list.) Nearly to the house, walking in the driveway, I began limping from something stuck to the bottom of my Skechers. I thought it was a pine cone. Well, it wasn't!!! It appears to be one of the original nails from when the house was being built 31 years ago! The rusty nail nearly pushed clear through the rubber sole into my big toe. Yipes! That sure could have been much worse. God was protecting me for sure. 

Back inside a transformer had blown somewhere on our country road and everyone had lost power. Thank the good Lord for the All-House Generator that roared to life keeping all those costly groceries at a good temp.

That evening I was sick as a dog from the antibiotics (Amoxicillin-clavulanate)! Turned me inside out upside down and backwards. Ugh. I've quit taking anymore. I'll call the Doc today to ask for something else. 

"Wow," I thought, "we're under attack, or, at least I am." I stopped right then and rebuked Satan openly, giving praise to our blessed Saviour for a strong hedge of protection.  Satan has to leave when we rebuke him in Jesus name. I know y'all know this too, but, that spiritual warfare is real. πŸ›‘️✝️ 

I hope everyone had a good Mother's Day on Sunday? I missed Church because I lost so much sleep from the medicine debacle. Now I feel discombobulated. πŸ™ƒ It's all good though. Everything happens for a reason. At least the aurora borealis was pretty. No pics. I was too unwell for walking around outside.

Not sure what is planned for today or the week. I guess we'll play it by ear. Can't do much else except read or light housework or drive around just yet. Oh, I am reading a new book titled, "God's Smuggler" by Brother Andrew with John and Elizabeth Sherrill. It's a true-life thriller that takes place during World War II and beyond. This young Dutch fella goes from rebel to working undercover for God. So far it's really holding my attention. 

Thanks for stopping by. Keep looking up dear ones! Jesus loves you. 

Ride Safe,

Friday, May 10, 2024

Friday Fotos: Finger Drama Continued


Hi dear readers. Just a quick post to share all is going splendidly on the busted finger front. Had a follow-up this morning with the nice Ortho Doc in Waycross. He said it's all looking good. Healing at record speed.

And, more blessings today. God has answered our prayer for rain! Thank you Lord for blessings on top of blessings.
Thanks for stopping by. Hope y'all have a glorious Spirit filled day.
Ride Safe,