Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Don't Hurt No Mo'

Today, I was able to ride the mower to mulch the leaves on our acreage for the first time in literally months! My neck surgery to fuse two discs together was February 4th, so, I consider this healing to be quite rapid. No more neck pain, no more numbness on the right side, no more sitting for hours in my easy chair with a heating pad trying to alleviate the ache.

However, I got this far from the house on the 4 acres that's open (the rest is all natural) ... and had to stop. I was starting to ache and I freaked. I eased the mower up towards the house and hollered, "Honey! Can you finish this please?"

Honey did. Even though he is so congested from the dust and pollen he could barely breath, poor guy. Out he bounded from the house and hopped on the zero turning radius mower. My hero. "I'll have a cold one waiting on ya when you're done, babe." And I did.

I laughingly refer to this part of the yard as The Back 40. See the cemetery way in the background? That's the Mill Creek Cemetery which is over 100 years old. I help the caretaker watch for 4 wheelers and other unauthorized trespassers.

So I walked around the yard with the camera, since my mowing enterprise was temporarily curtailed. Boy, do we need rain ... badly! However, there's a few flowers starting to bloom, mostly wild flowers. However, the Red Honeysuckle is doing pretty good in spite of the drought.

And for some weird reason, I took a photo of the front door. I carry this Red Bird Acres thing to the extreme. Ya think!? [lol]

Anyway, I was so excited, I had to let everyone know how much better I feel. I'll bet next will be *(drum roll please)* a motorcycle ride!! Wahoo! Then I can break in my new helmet.

Opps, hope that's not a poor choice of words.

Hope y'all are doin' good too and have a great evening!

♥ ∞


Mildred said...

So thankful that you are better. You have a beautiful piece of property and I love the plaque on the front door. So perfect!

JBA said...

Yea! So glad you're back on the mower, or back in the saddle. 6 weeks post-op is amazing and you should be very proud of your fused discs for behaving so nicely. Great pictures, and it does look dry. It's rained so much here we're sprouting mushrooms between our toes. We'll send it your way instead.

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Thanks y'all!

Yeah, Jennifer, we'll be happy to take any rain you don't want off your hands. :o) ♥ ∞

Janeen said...

Thanks for the hair vote!

What a fun post this is~ tells so much about you. I enjoy your property too, wide open spaces. So glad to see that you are feeling better! Don't rush that recovery though. And we better get your Man a face mask for his allergies while he mows - poor guy. We better keep him around! :)

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

You're welcome Janeen! I would like to see what you decide on. I remember the big choice I made to go from long curly hair to short straight hair. It was quite a change! But I'm glad I did it because I'm so physically active.

Steve is a jewel and my rock. He's the best husband in the world (to me, anyway). :o)

Looks like I lost your sister. Tell her I am sorry about the misunderstanding. She's a sweety and I'm sorry to see her go. God bless ChaCha! ♥ ∞

Saucy said...

Thanks for poppin' by my bloggedy-blog and your sweet comments about the world's biggest cupcake thief! Your blog is all dressed up for St.Paddy's Day! Have a great weekend!

Tea Time With Melody said...

Hi, there. In regards to blog post and your comment, no problem. I totally agree with you!! LOL I just wish I lived in Georgia, then I could carry too!

Lanny said...

ooohh Dirt rode his bike to work today for the first time since putting it away last fall. Now it will sit out in the "carport" with blankies on it instead of being in the shed. I hope I get to go on a ride soon. He is having a barbecue with his students tomorrow and is taking Anna with him on the bike. She is gonna freeze her little toosh tomorrow!

Nice yard.

Linda said...

AWESOME! Love the pics and your post. Blessings..thanks for putting a smile on my face.