Friday, April 17, 2015

Funny Friday ~ Non Sequitur

One of the many items I miss about receiving the daily newspaper are the "funnies". Good thing some of them are still available on Yahoo! Comics. Non Sequitur was consistently one of my favorites.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Our First Home #tbt #florida

Today for Throw Back Thursday, I have chosen to share a couple of photos of our first house. I was in my 20's then, freshly married, living in Jacksonville, Florida, when we bought the already old house in October 1981 for around $38,000.

The original owners had painted it
white with battleship gray trim.
No curb appeal at all.

I researched the history a bit after purchase, and the whole neighborhood was built around 1955. It was older than me! That poor house was just about a total wreck from neglect when we first moved in. There were roaches everywhere, cracks and fist-sized holes in the stucco walls, no doors on the bedrooms, the yard had been ignored since forever, no central heat or air, window panes as thin as paper, etc. The yard was more of a sand pit and only slightly larger than a postage stamp (65 x 120). It had only one very small 6' by 6' bathroom. But, we where young and, oh, so happy to have a place all our own. Through the years the house became The Ongoing Project (nice name for Wallet Sucker). Most of our spare money, which there wasn't much of then, went into the maintenance and upkeep of said abode. And the government calls a house an asset! "Asset" my big toe! *lol*

First thing on the agenda, after bug bombing the stew poopie outta the place, was repaint the house, inside and out. The outside became Hudson Brown (no lie! that was the name at Sherwin Williams) with dark brown trim. It looked rather classy, I thought. Then, it was time to tackle the yard.

Now that's curb appeal!
[click to enlarge]

I think it was worth the effort. I became accustomed to having strangers stop and talk while I worked outside. They would say such flowery, honey laced comments about how much better the place looked it fairly made my head swell. *blush* Ok, ok, I relished it. *giggle*

Then we moved to Southeast Georgia in 1993 to our current custom built home. I don't miss the old neighborhood but I do miss our lovely neighbors. We all kept up with each other for a long time until some began to die off and others move away. It was a fun place to live for awhile but I am exceedingly grateful to be living in the country now.

Monday, April 13, 2015

From Death Comes Life

Winter has released its icy grip. Migratory birds in new plumage pass through heading North. There are a multitude of ravenous raptors bringing joy on their wings at the feeders. Their enthusiasm can only breed encouragement to those who will observe. Rain replaces ice. Trees bud. Flowers bloom.

The vegetable garden flourishes in the warm sunshine. Color replaces stark, barren branches.

As the celebration of our Lord’s Resurrection subsides, I too feel a simultaneous renewing of spirit. Past love’s fade into cherished memories but, if allowed, I am reminded that with tender care new love can flourish.

From death comes life. Spring has arrived. Not only on the calendar, but also in my heart.

For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him.”  1 Thessalonians 4:14

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Blog Swan Song

And I do too.

I do apologize for not posting more often of late.

Ok, I know everyone is tired of hearing this, [not as tired as I am of thinking about it] but I just can't shake the sadness that seems to envelope my very being since Maxie died.

She was "just a dog" to everyone else. Maxie was my little buddy. We where like peas and carrots, little Fuzzy Britches and me.

Sometimes I still catch what I think is a glimpse of her little grey body bouncing around in the corner of my eye.

Or I think I hear her whine for that cotton pickin' ball, she couldn't live without!

And I'll catch myself starting to call her to get a "cookie".

But ... she's ... not ... there. And never will be again. And the silent tears stain my cheeks for the 10,000th time.

"Maybe I can will her back to me again," I muse. Or perhaps a clone?

Nahhhh, it's only wishful thinking.

Alas, I haven't that gift.

To compound the agony of eternal separation from my beloved best friend, our last "vacation" to Florida left me drained, miserable, forlorn, beaten. My once favorite sister-in-law, that I thought really cared for me, went out of her way to make me feel small. It was so awful I thought she was channeling her evil step-mother! Dang!

Now, I can't get into writing or commenting much anymore.

After a heart wrenching decision I've decided that after 6+ years of pouring my heart out to a network of virtual strangers who have become closer than family, I want to "retire".

This is possibly my blog's Swan Song.

Or I may be a total diva and return if there's enough clamoring. *lol*

Rather than just disappear, and since it fits into my always present desire to always leave things neatly finished, I thought I'd share that it's been a real pleasure to meet all of you. Some fellow bloggers have disappeared mysteriously. Others we've parted ways amicably. But most of you have become real true blue friends. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for letting me into your hearts, homes, and thoughts. I will still continue to pray for you all, as I also continue to pray for this once great Nation to turn back to our Judeo-Christian principles.

Please do e-mail or tweet or call if so desired. I'll still be on the 'net.

And if you see me on the road, be sure to smile and wave.

God bless and stay well out there.

Forever Yours.

Ride Safe,