Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tough Toenails Bubba

Sam Jr.

Poor Sam. He's had a really rough week. He's getting elderly for a miniature schnauzer at over 10 years old, so, things are starting to fall apart. He's lost most of his teeth and his eye sight is failing. He had been groomed a few days ago and since then had been chewing his right toenail like there's no tomorrow. Every 5 mintues I've had to yell at him.

"Quit it!"

"Stop licking!"

"I'm going to slap a knot on your head!" (I didn't.)

Finally, I figured out that something is wrong. (I'm slow ... so sue me.) Hubby took him to the Veterarian in Waycross. Vet said the nail was 'ringed': broken clear back to the quick and all the way around. It must have gotten caught on the groomers cage by accident. In other words, the nail was hanging on by a thread and everytime he'd walk it would shove up into his foot! Owie! The base was cracked. Thus the intense pain. Well, Vet sedated the little guy and removed the entire nail. $146.80 later Sam is back home and sleeping off the drug on our living room floor. He can't jump up yet.

Oh and he's also on amoxicillin antibiotic ... again. I call it "the pink stuff" because I can never remember the drug name. He was on these same antibiotics not more than a few weeks ago from a head cold contracted from a kennel stay.

And the unexpected expenditures never end ... [sigh] Since the stock market seems to be improving, maybe I should invest in this company? My three dogs health 'issues' alone could keep this drug company afloat for years.

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Iva said...

Poor guy! Yeah, I'm slow too, sometimes (all the time!) Aren't we lucky that our children (both the bald and furry ones) are patient with us?

WingMaster said...

"Lord, Help me be half the man today that my dog thinks I am." It's a good thing that dogs love us so unconditionally. It's too bad we can't be more like our dogs to each other.

Get well soon, Sam.

Anonymous said...


Life With Dogs said...

Lord that sounds incredibly painful. Let Sam know that we're thinking of him, and that he should save up a little bit of gas for the next groomer visit ;)

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Iva ~ Yes, thank goodness they are or I'd be living alone. I'm sure I can be pretty hard to live with sometimes. [blush]

Wingmaster ~ I agree. I wish I could be half the woman my dogs think I am. :o) They do love unconditionally. Bless their little dummy hearts.

Mildred ~ Thanks so much! Address has been sent. Wow, I'm super lucky.

Nigel ~ That won't be any problem with Sam! He always has extra gas to share! He's also a little Poop Myster and has plenty of *that* too. [roflol] ♥ ∞

Lanny said...

Poor Sam, bet he'd like my numb feet.

Amoxicillian, haven't seen that in a coon's age.

nanatrish said...

Bless Sam's heart. We are animal lovers and my heart goes out to him. He is a cutie. I always say, "You can be old and still cute."

Anonymous said...

Aww, poor Sam! I am glad he has a loving caregiver. Wouldn't we all like that in our old age?

Janeen said...

Aww bless his heart! The pink medicine ~ that's what we call it too because I'm allergic. Have a great day my friend!