Thursday, March 19, 2009

Whatcya Doin'?

Boy, I wish I had this problem. I have been busier than a one-armed paper hanger this week.

But, I'm happy to be busy because my neck and right shoulder are greatly improved that I'm able to actually perform physical labor again! Yay! For quite some time now all I've been able to do without doubling over in pain is my usual duties of paying the household bills. Hubby always opts out of that one, he hates finances, except when it comes to spending money. [grumble] This week I've done my own vacuuming, un-dusting (private joke in our home), cleaning windows, light gardening, bathing dogs, laundry and so forth. Whew. So you see I've been a Busy Bee!

My step mom, Myra, would have been proud. One thing she always had, even up to about six weeks before her passing, was a clean house. This woman had so much stamina that even with suffering from the devastating disease of Alzheimer's, her home would be spotless and smell fresh.

This lady ran a tight ship, let me tell you! I learned how to vacuum properly (there's the wrong way and there's Myra's way), get dust & pet hair out of corners with an old tooth brush, sanitize a bathroom / kitchen like we're getting ready for surgery, etc. And there were no excuses in her mind. Even though I am not that anal about cleanliness (anymore) I do like a clean, or at least tidy, home.

This is no small task with three dogs that do not cooperate! They have their own pet door. I wish I could teach them to wipe their little paws before entering. [lol] They create the bulk of our work around here. [sigh] But, I love them and put up with it.

Well, I'm a little bit sore on my right side but it's OK. I am ecstatic that I can work around the house and pull my own weight. Hubby does a good job on his own and I appreciate his willingness to clean more than words can say. This whole experience would have been absolute misery without his kindness and thoughtfulness. But it's nice to be back in the saddle.

Speaking of that, I plan to ride the motorcycle in a day or two. I know, I know, it's a week before the doctor has released me but I'm gonna try it anyway. Cross your fingers and toes for me? 'ppreciate it.

All in all I am pleased and oh so grateful that things are getting back to normal for this semi-normal person.

So what's going on in your neck of the woods this week friends?

Give thanks to the Lord Almighty, for the Lord is good; his love endures forever (Jeremiah 33:11)

♥ ∞


Lanny said...

Your step mom and my mom. Dying of pancreatic cancer (on schedule mind you) and Bethel's house was clean as a whistle. I was her little baseboard duster. I know how to clean a house and I'm thrilled to do someone else's but I let mine slip quite a bit. Especially when I have a great excuse like: lambing season, planting season, fair season, hiking season, harvest season, apple season, canning season, sewing season, crafting season, holiday season, fishing season, claming season, camping season, writing season, study season.

But cleaning season is hitting this place in the next day or two. Doc tomorrow then the house!

Glad you're feeling better, I'd say don't push it but I refuse to waste words!

Mildred said...

I'm so very happy that you are doing well. This should be a wonderful springtime for you.

steviewren said...

What a blessing that you feel so much better again. Don't over do things though. Remember, you have from now on to do all the stuff you haven't been able to do for so long. But when you run out of chores over there remember that Alabama is just a hop skip and jump away. And there are tons of chores over here that need Myra's touch!


Marie Reed said...

My ex husband was so horribly anal about cleaning! After we broke up I happily flung all of my dirty clothes on the floor and left piles and piles and piles of dishes in the sink! I do clean but feel giddy when I don't:)

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Lanny ~ I like your season's excuses ... [lol] ... can I borrow them for a later date when I don't feel like cleaning? :o)

Mildred ~ I feel like it will be a wonderful Spring too for many reasons.

Stevie ~ I am tending to overdo and have to make myself slow down. Just like this morning I'm itching all over to get the big ladder out and clean the outside of these windows ... [snort] I'm a habitual cleaner but, awww, don't you want to do it all yourself? There's so much satisfaction in sitting back and saying "Look what I did!". (sound good?) [lol]

Marie ~ I understand the rebellion. I went through that when I left home then all of a sudden (gulp) I couldn't stand the mess anymore and became "her". [smile]

Thanks y'all for stopping by! ♥ ∞

Linda said...

And, when can I expect you here? (might need help moving, lololol.) jk. Spring cleaning will have to wait till we find out what is exactly going on or not going on.

Right now..what were doing..we have lawns (which hubby has already gone to do, he didn't need help today) to mow and homeschooling to get caught up with.


Iva said...

I really wish I had the analness needed to keep a spotless home. I wish I had a bit of the OCD, ya know? OF course, friends who DO say that they wouldn't wish it on their worst enemy...still, there is that element that I wish I could latch onto (not the scary type...just the Clean Gene).

Janeen said...

Oh Sparky ~ I need a wife! ha ha Someone who can clean the house, go grocery shopping, etc, etc.... That's why my nails are as long as they are... my house it untidy! ha ha