Saturday, March 21, 2009

It Was A Lazy Day In Paradise

Zephyr Lilies
Zephyr Lilies line the roads and fill the fields this time of year.

Tiger Swallowtail On The Azaleas
The butterflies are beginning to make their Springtime appearances.

Azaleas Are Blooming

Lord's Prayer Statue At Greenlawn Cemetery (Waycross)
Stopped by a local cemetery to see if the office was open. It wasn't. They must not work on Saturdays. I'm going to start surveying this one next and will put the information at FindAGrave for other genealogists. Greenlawn is not old but it is quite large. I really need a map of burial locations before beginning. I'll get to the surveying after our Texas vacation.

Sunset At Red Bird Acres
Well, time for y'all to go in and get ready for bed. Sleep good bloggy buddies. Hope you enjoyed the brief stroll through southeast Georgia. Spring has sprung!! Wahoo! I hope your weather is nice too.

♥ ∞


Anonymous said...

I did enjoy the stroll through your neck of the woods. Love this time of year.

Lanny said...

Oh such pretty flowers. Do you have any of the deciduous azaleas down at your place? I love how they smell, my father like azaleas but not the deciduous ones, so I missed out on them as a child.

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Mildred ~ Thanks for dropping by for a stroll. Georgia is a very pretty State, top to bottom. :o)

Lanny ~ Our native azaleas are deciduous and grow in the thick underbrush down by creeks and rivers. The domestic ones are evergreen and remain green all year. Both like lots of water to flower properly. ♥ ∞