Thursday, July 30, 2015

Throw Back Thursday: 1973 Titusville Florida

May 1973
Astronaut High School Junior-Senior Prom

This is a scanned image of an old, worn polaroid of your's truly and my first boyfriend, Bill Anderson, in Titusville, Florida. I don't remember the dance but I'm sure it was enjoyable. The early '70s where still a time of innocence for America. It was also a time of fantastic music that still lives on today. Anyway, I remember Bill as a gentle, kind hearted, jolly, generous fellow. The following year we went our separate ways but I always think fondly of our time together. Time has obscured the reasons for the split. We both went on to marry good, loving people and have productive happy lives.

My step-mom, Myra, made the dress. She made almost all my clothes. Myra was so talented, she could have been a professional seamstress. I learned a lot about sewing from her for which I am eternally grateful.

Hope your day is blessed.


Simply Linda said... the dress and your date was quite handsome. Thanks for the smiles. Blessings

Patsy said...

Life was good and happy for most of us back then. Your photo is a sweet one. Sad the word (innocence) has
been taken out of our worldly vocabulary now.
With the words mother, father, boy and girl -white and today the word

Anonymous said...

It's a bit bittersweet to look back on simpler times, isn't it? I cannot imagine having children in school these days. I would be worried sick for their safety. I recognize the style of your dress....very popular. Myra did a fantastic job on it. I felt blessed to learn to sew from my paternal grandma. Hope your ear feels better today. xoxo

Linda E said...

You have not changed at all. I would have known you even if you had not told who and what it was. Awwww, those where the good old days for sure.

White Lace and Promises said...

I had several "maxi" dresses made from that pattern. When the schools in GA were first integrated, people were MEAN! A black boy stepped on my favorite dresss and the empire waist tore from side to side. I was so embarressed and fell down the steps. One of my most embarressing moments. Sorry to say "black".

DaBlade said...

I love this! The 70s really were the good ol' days. They seemed to last forever (in a good way). Love the photo!

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Wonderful memories of times gone by. Thank you for sharing.

I also have a typewriter exactly as the one shown in the photo above. I've linked it to the computer but it does not seem to work. Pity, because it is easier to use than the keyboard.

God bless.

Vee said...

The early 70s was not a time of innocence in my corner. Glad to know that it was in yours. Sweet picture from the way back machine and somehow it is nice to know that you both found good life partners. Very nice dress...right in style.