Friday, June 26, 2015

The Byrds - I Wasn't Born To Follow

No Funny Friday today. There's no stomach for humour at this time since, thanks to our lack of law's in America, I realize we are living under a Marxist regime. As one can feel the air heavy with moisture before a rain storm, I can feel an armed insurrection is in the air.

As I stated at Simply Linda's blog a moment ago:
Banning the Confederate flag is a further assault on the South perpetrated by a man who was possibly born, and definitely raised, in Indonesia. He is not an American in his heart. I am a born and bred Southerner, who not only grew up with Confederate flags everywhere but owned some. There was no racism expressed by any of the people I knew that owned them. It's our culture. It pertains to a time in our history when we where all fighting for our sovereignty. I am deeply saddened in my heart about the killings in Charleston. What exacerbated the event was our alleged "President" on National News stated that the flag was racist and "it's in our DNA". He is truly evil and so are any of his followers / voters. I truly believe that The Left wants a race war. This is their desire so they can impose Martial Law with the goal to compensate guns. Then, all hell will break lose. As the Bible says, the earth is the Devil's domain. In our country, this all started when the government removed Christ from the Public Schools. We are empty clay vessels, created that way to hold God within us. When God is removed, the devil steps in. We've gone downhill from there. May God have mercy on us even though we (and that includes silent Christians) are undeserving."He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus." [Rev. 22:20]
Here's a little blast from the past.

I think it's time for road trip.


Simply Linda said...

I have a very bitter taste in my mouth, especially the just now court ruling on gay about rewriting the Constitution that has no where stated that marriage is a fundamental right. We are burning up in anger here....especially when there is family who called to laugh in our faces over morals and values and Christianity...their lack of. Sorry for the rant comment here, Sparky--feel free to delete it. Love you my friend(s)--waving to Steve.

Simply Linda said...

PS I really liked your yellow background..oh wait, was that on the All Things Politics???

Tina Leigh said...

I do not recall ever owning a Confederate flag, just as I had not ever owned a United States flag until my first grandchild was born 7 years ago. I bought The US flag as part of my teaching to her the Pledge & the history of our Forefathers. I'm so sick to death of our government and its constant attack on my conservative Christian values (which Ive always thought the South represented). But times are a changing and changing fast! I just got an alert on my phone that The Supreme Court has ruled same sex unions legal all over the US! What the heck is going on?! I ordered 6 Confederate flags yesterday. I WILL DISPLAY THEM ON MY PROPERTY! I am also going to order some Conderate flag lapel pins to wear EVERY WHERE I GO! I am not united with this government & apparently I am not untied with the majority of the views in our once awesome God led nation! I am embarrased of our country & for the people who also (few they are) who have Biblical values and follow the one true God Jesus Christ....the things of which so many before me sacrificed so much for.

I get sick thinking of it all & so stressed out!

On another note..I passed yall in Patterson this week. Yall were on the bikes...must have been Tuesday.
My life has been completely consumed with the care of my grandson with special needs....and putting up the garden that God has blessed us with this year!

Take care!

Patsy said...

God Have Mercy For They No Not What They Have Done!
When You Go Against Gods Laws It Will All Be Down Hill
For America And It Will Be No More.

Jason and Michelle said...

And notice that between legalizing gay marriage and creating a roucous over a flag, that the attacks by ISIS overseas today aren't in the headlines. Then the clown in chief will state," I had no idea".
Wolf in sheeps clothing.

Sparky said...

Thank you everyone. I'm truly broke hearted that our WORLD has gone totally, blindly insane. Have a blessed day.