Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Very Cool Pizza

Gosh, it's been hot! The heat index has been well over 100* now for several days. And our area needs rain desperately, not California desperate, but badly nonetheless.

A few days ago, a dear lady at A Haven For Vee, posted a recipe for Very Cool Pizza by The Pampered Chef. Hubby and I tried it this past weekend, and this is what we ended up with:

It's quite good! Served up with beer, it's just like regular pizza only doesn't add to the heat index. What's really fun about this recipe is one can take it's liberties with the ingredients. One secret we learned is to make the bread part at least an hour before wishing to dine. That way the bread is nice and cool. Oh, and also, next time Hubby said he wants to make four small pastry's instead of one large one and cut the cream cheese part in half. It might be less messy that way.



Simply Linda said...

Yeah, my dad said Fla. has been having 100* too. That looks good, I might have to try it, smiles. Have a great day, hopefully y'all will get some rain. Blessings

Monkeywrangler said...

Hot here too in NTX and HUMID! That pizza looks interesting, but not sure DH would eat it with all that cream cheese.

Linda E said...

A stick with cream cheese on it is good to me, so I know I would love the pizza. If we get some rain first, I will share with you...heat index is miserable. Yes it is summer, but I didnt ask for 100+, just a little above 32F. Have a cool Tuesday.

Lulu James said...

Salad Pizza! I am not a big bread eater, so I would cut the bread---OH I guess that would be a salad??? LOL!!
HOT here too, Sparky!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to you, Steve and Vee. Yours looks so tasty.
Take care today. xo

Sparky said...

One can cut back on or substitute the cream cheese. We're gonna cut it in half or try another topping next time. It's really versatile.
Thanks everyone! ~:)

Victor S E Moubarak said...

This looks really tasty. My two favorite meals. Pizza and beer. Or is it beer and pizza? Whatever, they both taste great.

God bless you and yours Sparky.

Patsy said...

The heat is spreading, we go out at sun down to water plants.
The Pizza looks good ;it is a have to have about once a month
for us. Stay cool!

DaBlade said...

Looks delish. Plus bacon?

Vee said...

Your cool veggie pizza looks great! Cut the cream cheese in half? You're better people than I. How large was your pizza? Just wondering!

Jackie said...

What is with this heat!!!
It is unusually hot and humid....and the air is getting closely impossible to breathe. Makes me wonder if we are going to get a hurricane (or three) pretty soon.
Sending you a "kool" smile....