Saturday, June 27, 2015

Saturday Tidbits

I've been so distraught over how our government has been given fallen into Marxist hands, plus a minor family "problem", that I decided to venture outside. Yard work solves everything .... right?! *grin* Well, it makes me feel better anyway. Or, will render me unconscious, which is pretty much the same thing.

Whilst puttering around Hubby very kindly repainted (to my specifications, of course) the formerly green squirrel proof feeder near Tranquility Base. After enduring several years of brutal Southeast Georgia heat, the feeder was looking quite ragged, rusty, dirty, yuck, pooey!
For those of you new to my blog, we live way, way out in the country on almost 7 acres. There's tons of room for gardening creativity, as long as whatever it is can endure the intermittent droughts and severe summer heat. In 2013 I landscaped a small area where our very old Blue Jack Oak lives. It's in the front of our country acreage that I dubbed thusly. It was thusly named since, when the weather and the gnats cooperate, I like to swing and read any of my cherished Agatha Christie or medieval history books. I went with bright, vibrant colors because they are so cheery.

I hope everyone is having a safe, secure and relaxing Saturday. I'm going to have a brewsky and watch the MotoGP race. It's still too hot to ride after 10am.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sparky, We've been re-painting our metal yard art too. We had rain last night and again this a.m. - yeah!!! It is some cooler today. One thing I really miss is having an outdoor swing here. We sold ours with one of our houses. You have a very pretty and cheerful spot to read. Enjoy your evening. xo

Patsy said...

I have been pretty down about what happened---to our constitution
and the judicial tyranny, but for now our life will continue as before. Little by little Gods laws will be altered more and more.
We must live a quiet life and find our joy in the fact of Gods truths.
Our pastor told us some years ago that social justice was a lie of socialism and was creeping in to many churches. Most black churches have been over come with it. He told is to double up on our Bible study so we want be over come with fear. If we stay in the Word we will know how it all ends.
Hugs and comfort to you.

Terra said...

I share your thoughts about the path our country is on. This is only my 2d visit here; what is your Blue Jack?
I do like that blue paint you used.

Mari said...

I've been down about the decision too. I have to remember that God told us that things would be bad, and it's happening.

White Lace and Promises said...

Oh Sparky, I want to come swing with you! I love the yellow chairs and the all the turqouise. I could live on 7 acres. This apartment living is NOT for me. I'm living near my children and have my hearts desire but I sure to miss my house.
Glad I stopped by.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

I do adore Agatha Christie! That blue is rather gorgeous as well and hope the cool weather is reaching you. It was low 50's this morning here; the violent storm blew away the heat and humidity.

DaBlade said...

I don't garden, but instead spend my weekends in the backyard cleaning my pool and chillaxin with the Webber grill, the radio and beer. I look forward to Michigan weather this summer that is actually hot enough to use the stupid pool before fall. At least its clean, but maybe I'd rather have a fresh tomato or two :)

Vee said...

Love blue~yellow color combinations! It looks so nice. You are brave to work out in the heat. Did it render you unconscious? I think a lot of us were trying to knock ourselves out over the weekend.