Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hay Fields And Pickerelweed

I am so bone weary from a sleepless night. Ever have nights like that? They're becoming a bit too frequent of late for my tastes. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. There was no burden weighing on me. The storm that blasted through took it's liberties with our trees but other than a few limbs to pick up, everything seems just dandy. There was just an uneasiness I couldn't shake. A restlessness like I wanted to go out and howl at the moon. That merciful, life generating deep sleep was being an elusive, ethereal thing that one sometimes can not quite grasp.


I was going to go on a brief photo shoot today. So, Hubby very kindly snapped a few photos of our neighbors. My morning devotional from Two Minutes With The Bible (Berean Bible Society) by Pastor John Frederickson was about how we as Saints should be like Peppermint.
Among Paul’s praises of Philemon was that “the bowels of the saints are refreshed by thee” (Phile. 7). This precious saint had chosen to be like a peppermint for all the believers with whom he came in contact. It’s wonderful to read about this kind of testimony and what made him so refreshing to others. He demonstrated a sense of “love and faith … toward all saints” (v. 5). When these characteristics are present and genuine, they manifest themselves in a warmth and interest in others that is unmistakable. It will also be obvious in the tone and content of every word that comes out of one’s mouth.
Boy, that hits home, doesn't it. Well, I hope this refreshes you too my friends. After lunch, I may crash again.

Lake Chapel Road
Appling County, Georgia

Lake Chapel Road
Appling County, Georgia

Pontederia (Pickerelweed)
Ride Safe,


linda said...

Good pictures. So sorry you arent sleeping these days. I do have periods like that and it can wear you down quickly. Praying it wont last and you can rest good.

Jackie said...

Must be something in the air, my friend. The same thing happened to me night before last. No stresses (that I can pinpoint)....but sleep just would not come. It was 6:30 A.M., and I was still looking at the clock. Sigh. I have nights like that about once or twice a year. They are miserable ones to me.
The photos are absolutely stunning. Just beautiful. Kudos to the photographer!!
Sending you love, my friend,

Simply Linda said...

Oh I hear has been like that for about a week for me. Don't know what it is..nothing is worrying me, nothing is on my mind, etc. Dave tells me I have been sleeping (although tossing and turning), it sure doesn't feel like it. It has been humid here, maybe that is why..I just don't know..all I know is, I am in the same boat. Blessings

Monkeywrangler said...

Sorry to hear you have not slept well. I know it can be a problem... just a thought--have you had your thyroid checked?

Sparky @ My Thoughts Exactly said...

Sorry to hear others are having the same kind of week! Maybe it is something in the air? Hope your season of sleeplessness passes too.

@MW ~ I do have an underactive thyroid and take the appropriate medications to compensate. Maybe it needs tweeking. I am scheduled to get a 6 month overhaul in about 3 weeks. I'll be sure to mention it to the new doctor. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

Thanks everyone for stopping by. God bless y'all. ~:)

Anonymous said...

So sorry about the lack of sleep - boy, it takes a toll.

Thanks for sharing scenes from your part of the state. Very nice summertime pics.

Praying you get a good night's sleep. Love ya.

White Lace and Promises said...

These are great photos. I know Appling. I turn off 1-20 when going home and go toward Harlem. You turn right and go to Appling.

Sorry, I know all too well the sleepless nights. Bless you my friend. Sleep better tonight.