Thursday, June 12, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Arizona And Utah, November 1979 #tbt

South Rim

November 1979: Gosh, look how young we were! And still freshly married from the hurriedly planned August ceremony. (No, I wasn't pregnant just didn't want to live in sin. *smile*) I was 23 and still working as an accounting clerk for a small branch office with Mutual Of New York. Hubby was working Cable Repair at BellSouth. Short on time, limited on funds and but full of big dreams, husband suggested we strive for a one week honeymoon in Arizona and Utah a few months after the hitching.

Now, bear in mind, I'm a born and bred Floridian. I had never been "out West". Ever. At the time I was only familiar with patches of sand, scrub brush, salt water and almost year round greenery. Western Mountains and snow where something in pictures that other people got to see. You should have seen my face the first time I saw anything taller than a small skyscraper. I think my exact words where, "Ohhhhhh Woooooow!" I said that a lot that week. Hubby said my eyes stayed big as saucers the whole time. All I know is I felt like I was in my element.

Zion National Park

Arizona and, especially the part of Utah around Zion National Park, where absolutely stunning that season. The people where friendly, the food superb and the scenery awe inspiring. Everything went right that trip. There was only one hotel near the park with the small town of Springdale nearby, so, we ate all our meals at the only restaurant in town, the Bumbleberry Inn.

Now I wanna go back! 'Course I want to have another motorcycle. One must set priorities, you know. *giggle*

I do suggest a vacation to this area, if one is able. It is well worth the trip. There are many more photos here.

Ride Safe,


linda said...

I love any State west of the Mississippi. I was born in the south, but should have been in the West. I love the mountains, and agree that the people and food is fantastic. I have visited all of those states, so I know how you must have felt. Thanks for sharing your 'throwback'. Makes me want to go back too, but sad to say, never will get that wish.

Simply Linda said...

umm..y'all ain't changed much!! Just as lovely then as you are now. You both are wonderful people!!!! Thanks for sharing..Blessings

Jackie said...

What a gorgeous blogpost!
I love "throwbacks"....They make me smile real big!!
Like you, I'm a Floridian, and I hadn't see a lot of the buildings and landscapes (except in photos.)
When I got my first glimpse of the Grand Canyon, I was speechless. That is unusual for me: not talking. But that's exactly what happened. I was overcome with awe and wonder at God's Majestic Handiwork.
Hugs and smiles to you,

Patsy said...

You both look great and very happy.
I was going to ask do you ever read "American Thinker" news blog?
yesterday they had a good (funny) picture of Hillary on their cartoon home page. And today.

Sparky @ My Thoughts Exactly said...

@linda ~ Ditto on State west of the Miss-a-sip! It's beautiful out there. With all that, though, I'm an East Coaster and will be until I'm toes up.

@Simply Linda ~ You're my new BFF.
(PS: The check's in the mail ... giggle)

@Jackie ~ I was speechless at first too. Pictures can not capture the wonder of the Grand Canyon. I was definitely gobsmacked.

@Patsy ~ Thanks, I'll check it out. That woman scares me. I call her HITLERy. Because, she is. Can you imagine Slick Willy back in the White House with time on his hands?! There will be more rapes, lieing, scandals, etc.

Thanks everyone for your time and kindly comments. ~:)

Anonymous said...

Oh how I love the photos. You two have not changed much. I've never been to that area of the country but I remember when John and my brother went, John was speechless and spellbound by the views!
Rain here this aft. too. In fact, it rains just about every day which is good for the new sod.

Carol B. said...

Thank you for the help tips on my blogger problems. I've worked on it some more and now I'm testing it.
That "honeymoon" trip out west does sound like fun. It's beautiful country.

Sparky @ My Thoughts Exactly said...

@Blackberry Lane ~ The Grand Canyon does tend to take one's breathe away. It's unbelievable that some one once wanted to fill it with garbage. [holding my head] He must have been related to the Pig People who trash our road.

@Carol B. ~ I can't believe that I knew what to do with Blogger. It's been such a problem child, we should all be experts by now. :) I swear I think programmers are mostly airheads and wouldn't know a good program if it could byte them in the face.