Monday, June 9, 2014

Mushrooms Are Such Fungi's

I think I enjoy nature as much as I enjoy riding.

Today, I found a few Cracked Bolete's growing in our woodsy yard. They're sprouting up everywhere! It must be all the rain and high humidity.

"You'd be a little 'cracked' too if you
had to be out in this humidity all the time!"

Bolete's are an interesting breed of fungi. Instead of gills they have spongey undersides. These are described as tubes in some books but they contain the reproductive bodies of the mushroom.

As I walk the woods in June, I can find lots of multi-color boletes. There are those that are bi-color, those that are red, blue, green, brown, etc. -- fungus come in all colors and in all seasons.  Personally, I call them Leopard Mushrooms, but that's just my title because I can't pronouce "Bolete".

If you want to learn about mushrooms please join a mushroom club. I also suggest a good field guide but DO NOT EAT wild mushrooms unless you are a trained professional or are with one. I understand that in the northern region of Georgia there is the Georgia Mushroom Club. It meets regularly and takes wonderful nature hikes. There are special interest groups for growing mushrooms, using mushrooms to dye fabric and to eat mushrooms. You can find them at

Then, further south, in Macon, Chris Matherley, at takes folks on walks to find all kinds of mushrooms. Probably every state in the union has a mushroom club which is a great way to discover these delights of the woods, the lawn, and the trees.

"Whatchya doin' Mommy?"

Jack had to "help", of course. *cough*

After a quick trip into The Big City, I plan to be back outside tomorrow in the heat, enjoying the woods, fields, and wild lands of my front yard. Mushrooms are such "fun guys", aren't they?

Ride Safe,


Anonymous said...

That is a cute photo of Jack! Makes me smile!

I have never been a fan of mushrooms but John loves them.

We ate at 5 Guys Burgers today and John had them to add mushrooms to his!

Monkeywrangler said...

I like mushrooms, but have never gone hunting them. Too chicken to do it I guess! I'll stick with store bought ones...

Jack is cute!

linda said...

I am not a mushroom fan in any way, but Jim loves those big ones,cooked on the grill. Mr. Jack is a character, I can tell. Cute pic of him helping find the mushrooms! Happy Tuesday.

Simply Linda said...

Yeah, they have invaded our flower beds..ugh..Have a safe trip to, love Jack!! Blessings

Patsy said...

When we had woods it was fun to watch the different mushrooms that grew there. In our back yard I found a red one now that was a color I have not see before.
Glad you are out having some fun.

Vee said...

That was a very subtle way to share the correct pronunciation. If Alex Trebek mispronounces it one more time, I'm probably gonna blow a gasket.

You have a very darling helper there. I have another blogging buddy Jill at "Lord, I wish she'd change her blog's name" because it is a challenge...I'll email you...who loves to go hiking for mushrooms. She does belong to one of the groups you mention. While my daughter loves mushrooms, I do not so will never know the joy of the hunt.

White Lace and Promises said...

Oh, sweating like a mule from the humidity. Yelp that's when they grown.