Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It's A Doggone Shame

... that dogs age so much faster than us.

I love dogs! It doesn't matter what the color, shape or breed but I especially like Miniature Schnauzers. Dogs love us so unconditionally. To them we are "as gods". Cats, eh, well, as they say, cats only view us as staff. *lol*

We have two dogs, a 10 year old boxer Lucy and Maxie. Isn't she cute?

Maxie in 2008 after a professional groom. See how nice and clear her eyes where?

Now the poor kid can only see dimmly, her hearing is almost completely gone, she has to take medicine to keep from peeing by accident and many of her teeth are chipped from age. Plus she has had a few close calls with death: kidney stones, hit by a truck, etc. but our wonderful Vet, Dr. Flanders, has always been there for her.

She just turned 14 years old a few days ago. That's pretty doggone ancient for a canine. Maxie has been a part of our household since she was only 3 months old. Miniature Schnauzers change color as they age. Maxie started out with pink skin and brown fur, migrated to a shimmering silver, and is now settling down to a dark gray with age spots. Now my little girl Maxie is old. She's been my almost constant companion for many years.

Well, it's 4 o'clock. Time for their daily "cookies and pills". These two never let me forget.

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Maple Lane said...

Maxie is very blessed to have you and the vet to love and care for her. She is an adorable dog. I know she gives you a lot of comfort and lots of smiles!