Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Here's A Quarter, Call Someone Who Cares

Having been born and raised in the Southeast, I've always known that there is a stark difference between those from "up Nawth" and folks raised here. Gosh, I was 12 years old before I knew that Damn Yankee was two words! In the Old South, we where raised to have manners. On today's news I learn that the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy has brought yet another bad side of Yankees. Now, there is a class action lawsuit against the Long Island Power Authority for not suppling power fast enough!

Isn't that INSANE!? That's like suing someone for ... I don't know ... the sun not shining!

One reason it's taking so long is much of the humanitarian aid was DENIED BY THEIR OWN GOVERNMENT AND UNIONS. The No Right To Work States are so bound up in their anti-capitalism regulations that almost nothing gets accomplished.

This is yet another glaring difference between "us" and "them": whenever we have a power outage, we're the ones making sandwiches or offering cold drinks for the wonderful men putting our power back on-line.

You couldn't pay me enough money to live up there with that bunch of whiney cry baby godless atheist savages.

My husband very rightly always says, we are not a United States anymore. All the southern and Mid-western States should secede from the Union and we can just become two seperate countries.

Works for me.

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