Monday, September 17, 2012

Obama Lies, Our Country Dies

Briefly, my thoughts exactly on the Middle East:

Obama & Hillary Clinton have deliberately blamed a poorly made “anti-Islam” video (yes, I watched it) for his failed foreign policies and Clinton’s inept representation of our country. These apology tours, the bad mouthing our country, the bowing to foreign dignitaries, have brought us to the brink of yet another World War. The video did not start the riots and subsequent murders of 4 Americans in Libya, etc. The so designated “Main Stream Media“ (which in fact is no longer main stream and now a part of the Dark Side) gave out the information that his video existed. The Muslims didn’t even know about this video until Obama and Clinton apologized and that self-same news latched onto it. Now I see that Obama sent his goons out and had that same anti-Islam video producer arrested and questioned. This was a clear abuse of this man’s rights! Under this “President”, our 1st Amendment Rights are dead!

I am so out-raged about this.

You don’t think this can happen to you or your loved ones? Think it doesn’t affect you? How naive. Well, just wait my friend. It’s coming when being a Christian witnessing for Jesus will be considered “hate speech” too and we’ll be arrested and detained for questioning. Or if we do anything else this fascist government considers “inappropriate” or “hateful”.

More damning evidence has been brought to light that Obama and the State Department knew about the planned attacks at least 48 hours before the hits. There was no warning given to our Embassies. No lock downs ordered. No extra help sent. The riots in the Middle East where planned way in advance by the mongers of true hate speech al-queda to coincide with the 9-11 anniversary. The demonstrations did not start until after the bombing on the Embassies. We are being lied to (again) by Obama, his sycophants in the press and the entirety of his Administration. Mark my words, Obama has innocent blood on his hands.

Thank goodness, Google didn’t give into the Obama goons and take the video off-line.

Obama lies, our country dies. A little more each day.

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