Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Right Stuff: A Call To 40 Days Of Prayer

40 Days Of Prayer

Calling all believers in Jesus Christ! Someone has organized a "40 Days Of Prayer" for our nation. Please, everyone, pray for our Nation, that unbelievers will hear the Word rightly divided and give their hearts to Jesus Christ to be saved from the wrath to come, and equally important about the upcoming election. Pray quietly in our hearts all day, if necessary. God loves to hear from us. Prayers doesn't have to be "formal" or in a special place or use special words. The Holy Spirit makes intersection for us anyway.

I really appreciate the good folks behind the organizing of the 40 Days Of Prayer. I know most who believe pray anyway. And as we all know, HE always answers prayer. Perhaps more will be convicted in their hearts to do the right thing so that we can turn our Nation back from the brink of destruction.

The well-being of our country depends on good people like you.

Oh, also, if you're feeling discouraged about the elections, I suggest reading this very well done post by Legal Insurrection here.

Thank you!

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Maple Lane said...

Our country and its leaders are certainly in need of all our prayers.