Thursday, June 21, 2012

Court Rulings Updates

No news yet from the Supreme Court about Obamacare or a ruling on Arizona immigration. The Supreme Court did shoot down some ruling by the SEIU union thugs. If I understood correctly, the SEIU was forcing their members to not only join, but they were upping the dues on the forced members to give to the Obama campaign. Thank goodness some good soul fought this all the way to the Supreme Court and they said "that ain't fair". Good going Supreme Court! For once a proper ruling! Now, will you help us please eliminate the satanic "health care" law or not?

Anyway ...

Overshadowed by Obama F&F EP announcement …
Bernanke Signals More Easing Likely if Job Growth Wanes
In his assessment he say’s unemployment is likely to stay above 8.2% for years … then say’s “If we are not seeing sustained improvement in the labor market, that would require additional (Fed) action.”

The more the Fed intervenes, the more we are flushed down the toilet. Americans have already lost 35 to 45% of our net worth. Geez, thanks Ben.

Quantitative Easing or money printing and its accompanying side dish of Keynesian (markism mixed with liberal agenda) Theory is like Chinese food: it does very little to fill the need and they’re back for more in an hour.

As long as these idiots are in power you might as well be looking to fortune cookies for a glimpse into future economic growth.

1/20/13 End Of An Error.

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Marydon said...

Spot on, my friend! OMG (Obama Must Go)!!!

Hope you are enjoying the first day of summer ... we are baking up here.

Have a great eve ~