Sunday, June 17, 2012

Who's Your Daddy?

Have you seen the new nauseating, creepy advertisement by the Obama Administration? I don't how it could be missed. It's on the Internet, in newspapers ... like southern mold in the summertime, it's everywhere. The page asks for your name, zip code and e-mail address in order to “sign” a Father’s Day card. I’m not sure where the pages takes you, because I’m not giving them that information (even though Big Bro probably already has all that and I'm still not cooperating).

I saw on one blog about this adv where one poster signed the "card" as:
Name: Mitt Romney
Zip Code: 20500 (white house)

That one had me laughing out loud!

But really, this whole thing is sickening, isn't it.

I'm so sick of this illegal communist in our White House.

I'm sick of his kool-aid drinking supporters.

I'm sick of his running our country into irretrievable debt.

At least, every turkey has his Thanksgiving Day. Every pig has his Christmas. Every Robespierre meets his guillotine. And so on … and I say none too soon.

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Marydon said...

Enough to gag one!!!

C'mon up, kiddo! We can do the sights together, always extra rooms to stay here ...
Huggers, Marydon