Saturday, April 28, 2012

My World Is Finally Spinning In Greased Grooves

Well, after much delay, and weeks and weeks of (not so patient) waiting, my new set of wheels have arrived. It was a long haul to a community just outside of Atlanta but it was worth the wait.

The Bonney!

Another view

My Bonney joined the stable
with Hubby's "Guzzi" and our cafe racer.

So whadda y'all think? Ain't she purdy or what!?

I need to make a couple of changes before any long distance riding. The seat is an absolute torture rack, so, I plan to have this seat padded and reshaped by a reliable source close by. Also, it needs a set of risers installed to bring the handlebars back just a tad. After my neck surgery I'm very sensitive to back and neck pain. This happens with every motorcycle I've owned of late. One must do what one must do to make it comfortable. BUT I AM SO HAPPY to be wheelin' again!

Aw, yes, the world is now spinning in greased grooves. :)

Triumph Bonneville purchased from the good people at Freedom Powersports, Lawrenceville, Georgia USA.


Simply Linda said...

Liam saids, "SWEEEEEETTTTTT!!"--NICE--well worth the 20 min wait for upload. lolol

Maple Lane said...

Congrats! Hope you have lots of fun!

Marydon said...

VROOOOOOOM!!! I see you whipping thru the highways ... byways ... have fun, sweet friend.
Have a great day ~