Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Rose By Any Other Name

Is there still any doubt that our El Presidente is a Communist?

Obama was born to a Communist family, was mentored by Communist mentors, said he sought out Communist professors in college, where he was known as a Communist by fellow students. As an adult, he chose to work alongside a procession of Communists. He gave lessons on how to be a stealth Communist. He shared an office with Communists, he hired one to ghost write his first book. He has been promoted by Communists and he has promoted them. He has appointed Communists to various posts in his administration.

He has taken a nation of Goodness and Light and led us into his father of all lie's darkness.

Obama is a Commie.

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Simply Linda said... know..this is a topic at our house as well..the question we have is..hows come no one ever talks about his white side of the family? Is he ashamed to be 1/2 white? (oh boy, sorry if I get a race riot going, not meaning too.)
ANYWAYS---this slopy dopey internet..we have tomatoes growing, we didn't plant anything else, to busy attending to everyone elses,lol.