Sunday, May 6, 2012

Campaign Catch Phrase Or Are We Already Caught?

The new campaign message from the Dear Leader is "Forward"?! Forward to what, pray tell?!

Forward to even higher unemployment
Forward to printing more money that is unsustainable
Forward to more debt that can never be repaid
Forward to even more loss of FREEDOMs and liberties
Forward to allowing more illegals to vote AND receive tax refunds
Forward to more scandals
Forward to more failures
Forward to more lies
Forward to more worshippin at the feet of this false idol
Forward to more Socialism

... the list of evil this man and his cronies have wrought upon America could go on all day ...

The unemployment has reached near Great Depression levels. So while some will tout the 8.1 percent as good news, the unemployment rate is actually closer to 11.5 percent. When you take into account those who have been forced to take part-time work because they cannot find full-time, the real unemployment rate is higher than 14.5 percent! Who would want more of that?! Oh, yeah, the Dear Leader and his band of self-righteous demons do. That's right.

And guess what, in the face of this daunting news, 'President' O'Blamo has chosen to double down on his tax and spend agenda. In February, he proposed a budget that would add another $11 trillion to the national debt and impose a $1.9 trillion tax increase on our already struggling economy. I pray that not a single member of Congress would vote for it when given the chance.

Well, all I got to say is Paul Harvey had it right in 1965. Please take the time to listen to this very short YouTube video [3.22 minutes] of his warning about someone just like the Dear Leader:

Paul Harvey, "If I Where The Devil"

And that's the rest of the story.

Have a blessed Sunday everyone, or at least, try to.

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Wiregrass Steve said...

Agreed! For O'Blamo it's: Forward to more blaming others for his own ineptness.