Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Another Nail In The Economic Coffin

Today the Federal Reserve, under the leadership of Ben "Money Is The Problem" Bernanke with the blessing from O'Bummer, announced their intent to keep interest rates at near zero until at least 2014. [link] Do you know what this means? Yeah, the continuing destruction of the middle class. Unreasonably low interest rates means that 'common folks', middle class, like us, will have an even more difficult time making money in the Stock Market. This is our retirement money. Diligently saved as all responsible people used to do. We now have all our savings in Annuities, Money Markets, and other investment areas. One lives off interest NOT the capital or you will go belly up fast! So, this means less money made and less money spent back into the economy. It's as simple as that. I predict there's even more inflation coming.

Hope you're out of debt and have enough money in savings in case of a rainy day.

That rainy day is getting closer and closer and it's going to be another deluge (ala Great Depression) if something doesn't 'change' soon.

Does anyone still think the Fed is a good thing? The Federal Reserve was created on December 23, 1913. Whadyya say we audit and defund it by 2013!!?? 100 years of this Progressive nonsense is enough. VOTE RON PAUL 2012 and economic stability can be a reality.

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