Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Goofy Obamanation

"Gawrsh! Destroying America is EASY! Hyuk-yuk-yuk-yuk!"

The Primaries are getting intense, aren't they? Mitt or Newt or Santorum ... not much too choose from. Thank goodness there's Dr. Ron Paul speaking the truth and staying the course or I would stay home that day.

I'm getting tired of hearing the "anyone but Obama" thought. It's almost become a chant from the Republicans. That is NOT the right attitude to have! As depressingly awful as Obama is, I'm still not sold on this mentality and I'm hearing it from the strangest corners. Look at the history of George W. Bush. Despite some conservative leanings and ultimately forced to pick some good SCOTUS justices, he was a big-government progressive who expanded government greatly then chipped away at our constitutional freedoms. GW was not as bad as Hussein but sure set us up for the current Progressive Messiah. Just imagine what an even more progressive, big-government Romney/Gingrich/Santorum will set the stage for. Once one of those neo-con's are done, the reincarnated Josef Stalin could be elected President as a Democrat because he will seem a "reasonable" alternative as pushed (and unvetted) by the socialist media. Think it can't happen? Before 2008, who thought Obama could happen? We should be trying to learn from history here. Why are we rushing to repeat it just because some say Ron Paul "is unelectable". I say B.S.!! So out of desperation we are to replace Obama with anything?! Kinda short-sighted, don't ya think?

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