Saturday, December 10, 2011

Santa Baby

I mailed my letter to Santa and doggone if he didn't fill my stocking early! He took the Kawasaki KLX250SF (I dubed it "the peanut") and the old golf cart, then traded it for a 2012 Kawasaki 650 Mule. He was so kind that he even had a roof and windshield installed.

Santa is such a doll! :)

Sparky and the Mule

Can you tell I like it!? (Duh) Got any ideas what would be a good nickname for my new toy?


Tina Leigh said...

Congrats on your new ride! We've had a rhino for years and love it. Gotta tell u a funny story. You remember where I work (I'm don't want to break the law) but a person had an incident on an atv/mule. Well it was written up as such but by the time the person got to me I was told the person had fallen of a donkey!! Lol!!! So please be careful b/c if you come to see me the story maybe you got kicked by a mule or who knows what!! Lol
Merry Christmas!!

Maple Lane said...

I love it! What a great pic of you. I'd say you have been good this year!!! Enjoy!

Sparky said...

Your comment made me LOL Tina! I can see how the story evolved from crashed by a mechanical mule to fallen off a donkey! Shows ya how most folks don't pay attention to detail. Anyway I do hope the injured was OK. And yeah, we'll be careful. Don't want to have to meet you professionally. Thanks so much! :)

Thanks Maple. Glad you could stop by. Love the new blog look and pat the furry "babies" for me.

Merry Christmas y'all!! :))

Simply Linda said...

Love it! Congrats!! Great job, Santa.

Nope, don't have any suggestions for a name. I'll have to show Liam when he gets up, maybe he can give you suggestions. Blessings

Lanny said...


But you must know, my tractor and I have long conversations.