Monday, December 19, 2011

A Brief Poll-aday Comment

I am SO happy to hear this:
Paul Moves Into Lead in Iowa Forecast

Every day I pray most fervently, "Please Lord Jesus ... may it please You that Dr. Ron Paul be our next President and other good people be elected to office too. We sure don't deserve Your mercy but our country needs help!" Dr. Paul is a true Libertarian. There have been a lot of lies and half-truths said about the man. Please take the time to learn all the facts. He professes the Lord Jesus Christ and practices good Constitutional values. He will help de-fund the EPA, the Fed, and other unconstitutional creations that are dragging our country into total devastation. He seems to be a very principled man.

Dr. Paul, with the help of (hopefully) RIGHT minded Congressmen and Senators, will help set this country back on the RIGHT path again.

I know everyone on this blog prays for our country daily too. That is such a comforting, uplifting thought. Thank you for that. :)

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