Friday, July 8, 2011

What's Happenin'?!

Hubby and Sparky
Boerne, Texas
June 2011

These past few months I've been feeling listless, easily confused, unhappy and was generally uninterested in anything other than sitting. Anyone who knows me personally knows that this is very uncharacteristic. Hubby was always amazed at how much I would accomplish in a day. Well, that had come to a crashing halt this past Spring. The doctor I was using then seemed more interested in data-entry into her computer during my visit than listening to my ailments. That would not do! So, I decided to try another General Practitioner. Guess what, I like this guy. He's a bundle of energy AND he left his cotton-pickin' computer in his office! Everything is written down like in the old days. He actually listened to my concerns. First visit the nurse drew so much blood I thought I was visiting Dracula. :) After a series of tests, it showed that one of my ailments can be contributed to a B-12 deficiency. Since I'm Medically Challenged, I had not heard of such a condition. "Sounds like voodoo to me", I griped. Well, after hanging up the phone I checked the conditions on the Internet: "confusion, mild dementia, etc. etc." BINGO! That convinced me. I had the first shot over 3 weeks ago and, lo-and-behold, what a difference the right diagnosis makes! I'm now a bundle of energy and full of my usual quick quips.

I'm back!

And B-12 Rocks!

After I get control of this annoying joint and muscle pain, I think I'll be good to go again. Another doctor recently visited suggested X-rays and MRI. All that going back and to doctors produced the analysis of arthritis and bone spurs in the right hip. Now I'm scheduled for a "procedure" (they didn't bother to give me the technical name) next Wednesday to hopefully get rid of that pain. Get this, though, I have to be sedated and the shot injected accompanied by an X-ray machine to get to the exact spot! Yipes! I'm not looking forward to that. At least I'll be in La La Land during the procedure.

Anyway, stay tuned Sports Fans, Sparky is back!

[By the bye, for those of you who where following me at The Reluctant Patiot: that blog has been deleted. Y'all are just gonna have to put up with my political views here. Two blogs where just too much to keep up with. Thanks for understanding! God bless.]


Anonymous said...

Hi Sparky, I am thrilled the B12 has done the trick! I have a friend, Amy, who found out the same diagnosis last summer.

I pray that the x-ray guided injection will help greatly with the hip pain.

This is a great photo of you both. Thanks for the update and you know you'll be in my prayers.

Linda said...

Hey! Welcome to the B12 def world. (I am too)--so nice to see you back. I have missed you!! Liam is going to send you a email so you can keep in touch with him-and his blog. (rolling eyes, lolol.)

Marydon said...

As shared with you before, sweet friend, B-12 is quite a healer. I take it every day of my life. I got tired of the shots & you may ask your Dr. once you get stabilized about doing the pills daily, too.

Love the photo of you & hubby.

Hugs of love, Sparky ~

cindyzlogic said...

Hi Sparky,
I hear ya' when it comes to feeling icky and trying to get some help. I'm glad you changed Doctors and he pinpointed your problem!!

ChaChaneen said...

Hi Gorgeous! It's so nice to be back and visiting you! My computer had crashed (it lived a good life for us for 8 years) but now we've got a new one and it's so nice and FAST! Wow, you don't realize how much you use it until it's not available. ha ha

Sounds like your going to have a Cortizone injection into your hip for the arthritis. My F-I-L recently had done exactly as you described and he is running circles around me now. ha ha


EBet said...

Two blogs is too much, right now I'ms struggling with one. Glad you got a decent doc. I could send you some grass pollen, it makes me energetic, oh wait, sneezing isn't really getting anything done. allergies are killin' me right now, I may have to go back to my doc, but I'll wait till mine gets back from where ever, for me the new one was a pill pushing hurry up and get the heck out, all with used car salesman schmooze. Wouldn't be so bad if the drugs had worked and not made me feel worse. Hey thanks for coming back here full time, and opening up "I just went to the doc" forum. I needed to down load and see other folks' ailments, I do believe that entitles us to the title geezers!

Iva said...

Hello Sparky! So glad to see you back among the blog living! I've missed you.

There is a vitamin store right up the street from my house. I ventured in there a couple of months ago after doing research online. Well, I stumbled upon Life's Journey vitamins. The Dr. in the store recommended them and gave TMB and I a four day sample. TMB immediately felt better. I was having nightly charley horses..after taking the vitamins, I feel so much better - no leg cramps!

We are both on probiotics (more so for TMB's ailments than mine).

Amazing what some vitamins will do, huh?