Sunday, July 10, 2011

Eye On The Prize

Cataract removal with
lens replacement

Hubby is scheduled for his first cataract removal, lens replacement tomorrow at O'Dark Thirty. Apparently, the doctors prefer to only remove one cataract at a time. I would have preferred having them both removed at one sitting but "they" don't do it that way.

And the lucky dawg won't have to wear glasses anymore! NOT FAIR!! [ha ha]

Thanks to his ailment I've learned more about cataracts than I ever cared to know and I'll probably not retain a bit of the info. One thing I will remember is the cost.

But, we won't go there. [grin]

Aw well. It's just another adventure ...


Anonymous said...

Praying that all goes well. Keep us posted.

Linda said...

My mil's husband just had that done. He can see 100% better. Honest. He goes in next month for the second one. Blessings--please keep us updated, if you can.

EBet said...

Eww. Hope everythin is just perfect and that he gets to eat lots of ice cream and sherbet. Oh wait, that'd be for tonsil surgery, oh well maybe he should get lots any way!