Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mum's The Word

My Three Mothers
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I've touched on this subject before so I won't bore my dear listeners again. All my Mother's are with Jesus. I will just add that we don't know the time nor the season when we shall be called Home. One day our loved ones may not be here to talk to anymore. Mine sure where gone in the blink of an eye.

With that said, I hope every mother out there in bloggyland has a wonderful day.

God bless. :)


Linda said...

Thanks for sharing. Happy belated Mother's Day, thanks for being my friend. :)

(ps, run with it, as I do not do mushy, lololol)

Sparky said...

Thanks dear Linda. You are a treasure. And I apologize for being so silent on-line. I think the shoulder / neck pain has made me overly quiet. I don't mean to be standoff-ish. It's not y'all, I'm just hurting. "This too shall pass ..." Luv ya! and thanks for stopping by.
Sparky :)))

Mildred said...

Sorry to read above about your shoulder/neck pain. I'll add you to my prayer list friend.

Mother's day is always tough to get through. Thank you for sharing your photos.

You mentioned you like your hair short - so do I. Mine is naturally curly and GRAY and the less of it the better!!!!!!!

Sparky said...

Thanks Mildred. I can feel the loving prayers coming from so many of my wonderful friends. I get a sonogram later next month to try and pin-point the source of the pain. Everyone's prayers are VERY welcome! I'm so glad Jesus loves us all.

God bless. :))

Iva said...

Happy belated mother's day. Will be missing you on Facebook, dear friend.

Sparky said...

Thanks Iva! Nothing personal but I just became very, very, very, very weary of FB. Hope y'all are well! God bless. :)