Tuesday, July 26, 2011

In Your Face(book)

It seems we've switched on something we can't switch off. The current of information is seemingly endless and sometimes overwhelming. I do enjoy some of the features of Social Networking but I think it's made some who share lazy with their manners. Proper grammar, spelling and sentence structure are nearly dead ... not that I've ever been any shining example there. Freedoms are being won and lost without firing a bullet. Everyone knows where we work, what we had to eat, who we sleep with, what we believe in. And we share it all willingly. The media bombards us with multichannel assaults on our time and attention, and the more it continues, the more desensitized to our Western Culture we become.

We have become gods in our own minds.

I had a friend post this recently:
TO ALL MY FELLOW NUTS - I just realized ... We sit and stare at a screen. We talk to ourselves. We have imaginary friends and farms, cities and fake animals. We cook imaginary food in imaginary bakeries. We poke people and think its okay. We even write on walls. Think about it ... Facebook is a mental hospital and we are all patients ...

That description certainly fits all Social Networking to a “t“! When I first signed up, it was amusing. Posting about our daily activities, playing the silly games [I enjoy Zombie Lane], commenting on or “like“-ing other‘s posts, keeping up with what new unconstitutional law the politicians where contemplating on passing. Then, Facebook became a burden. My husband really hated it! So Hubby and I notified all there and left. It was such a relaxing week. [giggle] Many friends contacted us, "Are you Ok?" "Anything wrong?" They thought we had lost our marbles, I guess. Well, I finally relented and reactivated my account. Hubby never did return. Smart man! I had become tired of the harshness of the network but I think it‘s because I wasn‘t being discerning with those desiring to be “friends“. I’m much more careful now.

In case you haven’t heard, "Defriending" and blocking someone is the new cruelty. I do try not to do that. But some “friends” have to be blocked because having a daily view into the innermost workings of their minds is undesirable, to be polite. Even though we may disagree on politics, religion or anything else, I do try to be nice about it but with some that's not always possible. I’ve had some try to verbally eviscerate me. If we had been in the room when they made their nasty remarks I might have given them a knuckle sandwich. Yeah, they got that nasty. But I think it’s the anonymity of the medium that allows such rudeness.

But that aside, Social Networking can be a wonderful opportunity to share the good news of Jesus Christ. In a world otherwise being made numb by digital noise, how can we as Christians make the word of God relevant to the lost world again so that all may be saved? Heed my voice Americans: without asking God into our politics or our schools or our lives, our lovely Western Culture will be completely lost. And to be blunt, white men must start voting and being more politically active! Call it 'racist' all one wants, it is what it is. Look at our current government. If we hold a mirror up to the faces of the evil that lurks there in the White House, we can only see ourselves. They are only a reflection of what happens when belief in God is removed from a society.

Like I always say, people get the government they deserve.

Enough of the innermost workings of my mind. Now I really must go kill more Zombie's.


Linda said...

Oh crud, the zombie queen is coming to get me (lol.)--you know my feelings for Facebook. Now, back to hiding from the zombie queen. (lol)--in all seriousness, if I ever get to the point I unnerve you, you just tell me. :)--btw--I might have to steal the queens weather gadjet. (umm..I mean..yours, lolol)

Sparky said...

Between growing crops, clobbering zombies and repairing fences, I have found Zombie Lane to be addictive!! :)) Hope y'all are having a great week. Miss everyone very much! xx

Linda said...

Yeah, I hear ya. Crops here, cutting grass etc. And not to mention the unrelenting heat. Blessings