Friday, March 19, 2010

Christ Episcopal Church, St. Simons Island, Georgia

While the Senate diddles away our futures in Washington, we hopped on our iron horses and rode to the coastal town of St. Simon's Island, off shore from Brunswick.

Hubby worked in Brunswick for three years before his retirement from BellSouth, so, he got to know the area really well. Even though we've lived here for over 17 years, I've not taken any time to explore "The Island" (as the locals call it). He wanted me to tour an historical church and grounds. Christ Episcopal Church was founded February 1736. Many of the graves are very ancient. Some are enclosed by something similar to coquina rock. It sure reminds me of Florida with all the hanging moss and the way the buildings are constructed. I guess most all the southern coastal areas look alike.

Parked outside the cemetery

Historical Sign

Christ Episcopal Church (front)

Christ Episcopal Church Cemetery And Grounds

Unknown plant
Anyone know what this is?

It was definately worth the trip y'all! The weather is absolutely picture perfect for Southeast Georgia: blue sky, light breezes, and the smell of Spring in the air. Dreamy!! The fly in the ointment was the gnats and the sand gnats. Once the cool weather is over, they're baaaaaccckkk! Yuck!! But I'm still glad we went.

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ChaChaneen said...

Iron Horses! Lurve it! Wow, such a beautiful church and those trees look VERY old and gnarly! What a lovely day you had, thanks for sharing it! Have a great weekend!