Thursday, March 25, 2010

Our Church And Some Motorcycle News

Our Church

You've never seen our little church, have ya? A couple of weeks ago, one of the elders gave me the project of compiling a notebook featuring the history of the church, who the members were/are, etc. I've learned quite a bit about the church. It was organized in November of 1936 and had many more members back then. This brick building was not the original structure [go here to see the original]. It's tiny!

Our Pastor, Byron Scott, is still very ill. Pastor has been put at the top of the list of a heart transplant. We are humbly asking for prayers, if y'all would. Thank you so much. I'm sure if he could speak directly to you, Byron would say "heart felt thanks" for your prayers and concerns. :) We all miss him and his family very much.

Stained Glass Windows

There are 12 stained glass windows in this structure, donated by various families. I made sure to feature them, including the family data, in the notebook I made.

Honda CRF 230F

Today, my hubby took apart the carburetor on one of our "new" Honda CRF dirt bikes. This one had been running too rich, wouldn't idle properly and was spilling gas at every opportunity. He tore the whole thing down on our kitchen table and gently cleaned every little port. Then carefully put it back together again. Now the bike runs like a top! Yay! I'm so proud of him. He saved us about $100 doing this at home and we didn't have to buy a rebuild kit. I enjoy projects like this too. It reminds how we used to save money doing our own auto repairs when we were first married. We didn't have much money then, but those are fun, happy memories.

Well, I hope everyone else has had a good week in spite of the sad political news? I'm sure we're all praying our law makers will REPEAL THE BILL and take us back down the road to economic recovery instead of their attempt at fascism. Thankfully, whether "they" like it or not, God is still in control. :)


Anonymous said...

Your church is lovely and the stained glass is beautiful. What a grand idea to capture the history. I will remember your pastor/family in prayer.
So happy you two had success with the bike - you two have a great weekend.

Sparky said...

Thanks Mildred! I tried to leave a comment on your blog but couldn't find the link. Anyway, hope y'all are doing well too. :)

ChaChaneen said...

Ah, I lurve the look of your church, steeple included! The stain glass is beautiful! Hope your enjoying your FRIDAY!

Linda said...

Looks like our church. Hey, miss you Sparky. Prayers for your pastor. Blessings

The Texican said...

Gospel Singing Memories

Stamps Baxter song books,
covers threadbare,
hang in racks,
on the backs
of old wooden pews.

Liberty Church.
Fifth Sunday singing.
A big crowd is gathered
to meet and to eat.

Aunt Modena pounds lively
an old upright grand.
A family quartet
sings close harmony.

Everyone singing
sends melodies wafting
through windows and doorways
to sprawling oak trees.

Songs of the gospel.
A pleasing aroma.
“Precious Memories”.

Dennis Price

Anonymous said...

Just checking in. Any additional news on your pastor?
Your comment about the sock monkey reminds me my girlfriend from elem. school's grandma made those too. I just never could master crochet/knitting!!!
You and Steve have a lovely Easter.