Sunday, March 14, 2010

Our Honda CRF 230 Fs

Our "new" dirt bikes

Well, we finally found two dirt bikes worth having. Hubby and I bought matching Honda CRF 230 F's last week.

I know, I know, it's not the Kawasaki Sherpa that stole my heart so many months ago but that's OK. We tried for many weeks to find a quality used street legal dirt bike but they are like hen's teeth. Aw well, not a problem. At least with the Honda's I won't have to tag nor insure these. Good deal!

Anyway the Kawasaki Sherpa had a recall issue. It was found the product could have a defective oil passage in the cylinder. Every Sherpa had to be brought in, inspected and many times the cylinder replaced. Now I understand the line has been discontinued and removed from all showroom floors. Guess I would have been disappointed if I'd bought my heart's content.

Most people probably already know this but we found a grand place to search for used motorcycles or darn near anything for that matter: Craig's List. There's a lot of neat items for sale right now. He even found another 1979 Kawasaki KZ 650 similar to my first bike. The one For Sale is blue and didn't have the Vetter Fairing like mine. That was a very nice bike to learn on.

Gosh, I'm so tempted ... [giggle]


Fredd said...

The last dirtbike I owned was a Kawasaki 350 Bighorn. It weighed a ton, and had two shocks on the back swing arm.

I still look at these modern dirt bikes with the mono shock and gasp 'oooo, high tech.'

My idea of high tech was taking off the Big Horn metal fenders and 'lightening' it up with some of those new fangled plastic Preston Petty fenders. That took the weight from a super duty weight of 350 pounds down to a svelte, lightening fast 348 pounds. Ooooo, sweet.

Lanny said...

That darn Craig! The passage way to many a good thing and lots of projects around here that's for sure. Happy bikin'