Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Thermometer Says Winter But It's Dog Days Around Here

Sam is having such terrible skin and coat problems. He can no longer be sent to the groomers for this reason. After a grooming, it would sometimes take me a week to get his skin to look normal. He would turn beet red and just about scratch himself silly. The Vet suggested "Universal Medicated Shampoo" that he must be bathed in religiously. Plus he's on daily oral medication called "Catalyst" (soft chewables). All this seems to be working. At least I know how to groom miniature schnauzers but I had quit when my neck was in such bad shape. Fortunately, I no longer suffer from neck pain! So, using the nice new grooming table and area hubby made for me, I've been caring for the little guy myself. I'm afraid to clip any further back than his head, though, so now this is what Sam looks like.

Doesn't he look like a rat?

I've nicknamed him "Rat Boy". All he needs is a long hairless tail. Ewwww!

She needs a mirror so she can see
what a little bad dawg looks like?!

Maxie is still doing well. Except for the incident with the kidney stones, she's the healthiest little dog I've ever had. The kidney stones were caused by buying cheap Wal-Mart dog food. I'll never do that again!


Lucy is enjoying the sub-zero Antartic (just kidding) weather of late. It has been so cold here, I'm weary of barren trees and cold weather. I am so ready for this winter to be over. Anyway, I caught her laying on the leaward side of the big cedar tree in the sunshine. It was about 38 degrees and she was just a-soakin' up Ye 'Ol Sun. She's probably waiting for some hapless squirrel to come along. Such a funny dog. Our doggies have a pet door, with access to our fenced in and gated property, so, they can come and go as they please. Lately I've learned that she's spending most of the night outside too! She must be chasing rabbits again. I just hope she doesn't bring me a "gift" (dead animal) like she has done in the past.


Shhhh ... Secret Project

And, we have a Secret Project in the works. No, you have to wait to hear about it! The project is scheduled to start Monday. Wanna take a guess what it is? Dollars to donuts you'll never figure it out. [giggle]

Friendly Reminder: If you're looking for the politics, is over here now. God bless!


Mildred said...

I love reading about your pets. I have been grooming Harriet - I'm not very good at it! We are tired of this cold, drab weather too. I am definitely looking forward to spring. I sure hope you don't get any "surprises" brought in during the night - be careful where you step! Magic has brought me two field mice lately!

Sparky said...

Thanks Mildred! Hope your new home adventure is going well? Still praying for y'all to have an easy and quick move. :)

Tina Leigh said...

I can't imagine what your project is unless you have planted something but it's been too cold for that.
Dot (Stolling Through Georgia)

Carey's Corner said...

He's a cute rat. Is the project a large waffle iron? Your gonna need lots of syrup.

Sparky said...

Tina/Dot ~ Very cold. Thanks for trying though. :)

Carey ~ ... AND a large appetite!! [lol] You're very cold too.

Ok, a hint on the project, it needs a battery. [giggle] Ain't I a stinka for makin' y'all wait?? :)

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