Friday, January 15, 2010

Oh Deer!

Our feeder has been attracting some interesting nocturnal visitors. It's mostly been 'coons but we've had a few rabbits and possums.

"Maybe if I shake this thing
it'll give me more

During the day the squirrels have a free feast too. The woodland floor is littered with the little shaky tailed critters. However, finally, a few nights ago, deer have been approaching the feeder.

Take a load at this nice looking 6 point.

"Did you get my good side?"

There is also a 4 point and several does with yearlings. Of course, this is all just in time for the end of hunting season. [sigh] Oh well. We both just enjoy looking at our woodland critters anyway.

I would like to construct a tower stand near the feeder just for viewing. It could also double as our observation post for our amateur astronomy. Many of our neighbors have made it a point not to add to already too much light pollution in our country, so, our area stays wonderfully dark.

I sure appreciate living here.


Mildred said...

Good Evening! What great pics! You live in such a great area and I know you enjoy the night skies and the critters there! Hope you two have a great weekend.

Wiregrass Steve said...

Oh deer, Dear! Maybe we'll get a peek at "Big Foot".

The Brown Recluse said...

Our bird feeders feed more squirrels than anything else! But they are cute little critters, I must admit. No deer in my yard,but I would like that. They've have to jump a big fence, and I'm doubting they will bother for a few bird seeds. There are deer in the area, though...coons and possums, too.
Those raccoons are destructive little boogers, especially when they get locked in your utility room because they were trying to eat the cat's food. very. destructive.

Tina Leigh said...

Maybe I should give all the coons here your address so they wont meet their maker here...darn pecan stealers!! One of Danny's partners lives on the coast & they are haveing as many as 17 coons feeding on their deck at a time!! They knock on their sliding glass if they dont get fed!! Too funny huh! He said they feed there in winter & then move on when spring comes. I would like to take Little Package there sometime to watch them.