Monday, January 11, 2010

A Shoutout ~ Please Welcome The Reluctant Patriot

I have decided to start another blog titled The Reluctant Patriot that is dedicated to keeping our American Judeo-Christian ideals and culture alive. As I've told many of my friends already, this blog (My Thoughts Exactly) will be my "foo foo fluffy" blog and mostly deal with my life in 'wiregrass' Georgia.

Why the title "Reluctant Patriot"? Because, for the most part, I'm really not very political at all. I would much rather be riding motorcycles, hunting, fishing, knitting booties, attending a real tea party or some other non-taxing event. You get the picture. Things that don't strain my blonde brain. But, thanks to REAL taxes and intrusion on our personal freedoms, many of us have been forced into fighting a war to protect these rights and God given freedoms. So, at The Reluctant Patriot I will report on almost strictly politics. No PC talk there (or here either)!

Well, I hope you'll join me!? And as my ancestors in the First American Revolution said, 'Victoria vel nex' (Victory Or Death)!

Thank you dear ones. Your wanting to read any of my blogs is so very appreciated. God bless! :)


ChaChaneen said...

Good luck in your new blog Sparky, I'm sure you will have many followers. I will stay with your fluff here as you know I already work in my local government and look to my blog to completely escape all the garbage of the work day. In fact, give me a extra helping of fluff on most days! Ha ha

Sparky said...

Hi ChaCha! No problem. I totally understand. I'm just pleased as punch that you care what I write about. Thanks for stopping by pal! :)