Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday Toilings

I've had such a wonderful day! Husband I have been working outside frequently of late. The weather is so pleasant. The air has that sweet, deliciousness about it that only Spring can have. Even my neck feels dandy. I must be completely healed from the surgery as I have no more pain at all now. Just a little muscle soreness on the right side from lack of use but that can be worked out. The secret is to pace myself and quick trying to do everything in 5 minutes. Even after all these years, I still have to remind myself that my father isn't yelling at me to "hurry up" anymore.


We're almost done with the matching planters project down by the road. The only chore remaining is to lay the red cypress mulch evenly between the Yellow Lantana and I'm 'Good To Go'. I plan to save that for after church tomorrow. When that is completed, I can share all the photos. It's suppose to rain Monday and that's good news too. It's been my experience that transplants love rain. They'll grow like crazy after that!

Then, we get to work on the rest of the yard! [sigh] It just never ends, does it? ... (aw, you know I love it .. lol).

So have a happy weekend y'all!

"Give thought to the flowers: they do no work, they make no thread; and still I say to you, Even Solomon, in all his glory, was not clothed like one of these."
Luke 12:27


Mildred said...

Beautiful day for yard work and I am so very thankful your neck is not giving you pain. Praise the Lord! I love lantana and can't wait to see your finished project.

Poetikat said...

It is nice to recognize as adults that we can do things at our own pace. My dad could be a bit of a tyrant that way too.

Enjoy your gardening! Have a nice weekend.


Margo said...

sounds like a marvelous weekend! We're doing a lot of the same here... it doesn't ever end, but this is my favorite time of year for getting into it. By July it will all be a mess, but I won't be outside then anyway, since I don't exactly love the heat.

Linda said...

Hey, are you busy next week? Wanna come here and help us move? (rofl..what's that, NOT! ROFL)

Pace ones self, what does that mean? LOL


Lanny said...

Looks like a fun project. Good to hear your neck is fine.

Carey's Corner said...

Thanks for sharing that verse from Luke. You don't hear or see it quoted that much. Fits nicely with your post.

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Thanks y'all. :o)

Linda, If I ever go insane and move again, I'm paying someone to do all the work. I don't think I could stand the strain of not having my 'nest' (i.e. home just the way I like it) for months at a time. ha ha Have fun! We'll come see you when you're done. ((Hugs))