Friday, April 17, 2009

Postcard Friendship Friday (04/17)

Didn't they look like a happy couple. Wonder why she isn't smiling though? Maybe her corset was too tight. Could be what caused the split-up between Lady Liberty and Uncle Sam.

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Sheila said...

What a beautiful card!! I think she's smiling, even if a little pinched. :)

Bob of Holland said...

Great card. I know why she isn't smiling! Sjhe is homesick.

Pearl said...

I really like the Patriotic cards... Hmmmm, I'm thinking that this gal kinda has the Mona Lisa "smile" going on!
Enjoy your weekend...

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Anonymous said...

Such a pretty card Sparky!

Hope you two have a great weekend!

Linda said...

Cute card. Ok, gotta run. (aren't I always running lately?) Heading out. Blessings

MuseSwings said...

Actually , I think she looks a bit bewildered. It might have to do with Sam's leering smile and his grip that's even tighter than her corset. Happy PFF Dahlink!

Daryl said...

Another patriotic card .. I am thinking Ms Liberty is serious and Uncle Sam is one of those men who likes to make jokes ...

dmarks said...

She's unhappy because she caught Uncle Sam making time with the green statue in New York Harbor.

Aimee said...

It makes me want to sing the National Anthem!

Margo said...

We don't see her around any more. I wonder why the military didn't use her on their recruitment posters? Maybe there was a real life break-up? Scandalous! Beautiful, fun card - thanks for sharing!

Marie Reed said...

I've just busted a gut over here lady you're sucgh a hoot! Istead of LOL I guess I should write BAG!

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Sreisaat said...

Great card -- and I laughed at the reason why the lady's not smiling!

Enjoy your weekend.

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Eddy said...

Beautiful vintage postcard for the 4th of july. Happy PFF.

Poetikat said...

That is one colourful card, there Sparky!
I was in the U.S. of A for the Bicentennial in 1976. We toured all the Civil War sites and visited Betsy Ross's house - Washington D.C., Arlington Cemetery.
Hey! I just realized the other day, if I'm watching "Jeopardy" and I need to remember when the Civil War began, I only have to think it was exactly 100 years before I was born! (It took me about that long to work it out.)