Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our Fencing Project And More

The projects down by the gate are finally completed! Well, almost, that is. The only thing left is to do is hire those nice strong fence guys again and have them complete the black creosote fence all the way down the front of our property (about 100 feet, give or take).

But, for the most part, our work is done!

"YAY! Party! Party!" [lol]

So, here's a few photos of the project.

In the beginning, the fence guys arrived and put up the start of the creosote fence. I had them keep the field fencing behind the new fence to keep our doggies IN and neighbor doggies OUT.

Doesn't that look lovely now? Wait until the fence runs down the entire front of our country property. I'm just waiting for the checkbook to catch up with my gardening ambitions. [smile]

Here's Sweetie laying down the first landscaping timbers to hold the top soil and mulch in place. There will be two of planters, one for each side of the gate.

There ... now you see what I'm talkin' about! Now to just fill them with top soil, plants and mulch ... in that order.

And one for the other side ...

I told Sweetie, "Quick, take a picture, I'm working!" Now there's proof. :^P

Ta da! All done. This side has lavender Lantana and one Bottle Brush plant (red).

Looks better, doesn't it? This side has yellow Lantana with one Bottle Brush (red). These should offer dramatic visual effects when blooming.

One of the really important things I've learned in flower gardening is to cluster the same colors together for a more dramatic effect. It draws the eye to one area at a time. It makes more of an impression that way (if that's what one is aiming for).

Now to call the fencing company and order the remainder of that fence ... oh, dang ... WAIT ... it's Sunday. I'll have to wait a couple of days.

Did I just hear the checkbook heave a big sigh of relief ... ???


JBA said...

How very industrious of you! In the first few frames the sand (what I'm guessing is sand) looks like snow. I think I have PTSD from the winter in Ohio.

Nice butterflies on the blog, also. Aren't you just all gussied up for Spring!!!!

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Yeah, that's close, it's sand and clay. The photo is just a bit washed out because I can't figure out how to stop down the frames yet.

Anyway ...

Yep, we be gussied! ha ha Thanks for stopping by Jennifer. Hope y'all are having good weather up there in O-HI-O. :o)

Anonymous said...

It makes your entrance so inviting. You will have loads of butterflies and hummers with the lantana. Great job!

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

And the hummers are here now too! I love those little guys. I have 3 feeders around the house. Thanks Hope y'all are having warmer weather also. I do see you've got rain coming or are having right now? Please send some our way too. CYA! :o)

MuseSwings said...

Your fence and gardens look bautiful! More pics please when they start blooming. I just clustered some colors today myself. I love this time of year.

Marie Reed said...

This is really stunning! I love the mailbox shot too (heehee) Red acres will be blooming with tons of red flowers soon!

Anonymous said...

So pretty!