Monday, April 20, 2009

Roll, Roll, Roll In Zee ... Hey!?

Wouldn't you really hate to be the one to try and rescue him!?

By the way, he's not dead and badgers can give a nasty bite.

I wonder where this is? There are no wild badgers in SE Georgia. I received these images in an e-mail from a friend who did not state the location.

Got any stuck in hay jokes y'all ... that can be repeated in mixed company. :o)

Anyway, I am pretty sure this qualifies as one of the things that really pisses a badger off …


Linda said...

LOLOL. Sorry, had to laugh and now I have to clean my computer screen. Blessings

JBA said...

That is HILARIOUS. Poor badger!

Iva said...

Young Frankenstein is my favorite movie! I love me some Mel Brooks~

That poor they not run quickly? Are hay balers fast buggers?

Marie Reed said...

Wow! I'm glad that he isn't dead! I would only try to save him wearing a suit of armour though!