Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Salvation Army Kettle Receives Diamond Ring

This is one of those "why can't this happen to me ...." moments. [sigh]

A volunteer ringing the bell at a Salvation Army kettle in the south-central town of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, got an unusual donation: a diamond ring. The ring was handed to August Memmi, who volunteered for the Salvation Army in Harrisburg during his lunch hour Tuesday.

The young man told Memmi that he'd bought the ring for his mother using money he'd earned mowing lawns, but she died this year and he wanted to put it to good use.

The ring's value was unclear Tuesday; the Salvation Army planned to have it appraised.

Nice gesture, but he really should get a girlfriend to help him with his disposable income. Or ... I could always help!! [lol] (Aren't I sweet??)

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Iva said...

How thoughtful.

Linda said...

I thoughtful..but, gee, I would of gladly taken the bling, lol.