Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Tuesday Tidbits

Thank you for the birthday greetings and well wishes! Yesterday was really nice. First we stopped by our watering hole Southern Sippin' for a cuppa their specialty coffee. Then we took off shopping in Waycross for a couple of hours. I'd venture to say that I have hung at least 40 wind chimes all over the property, in the garden, on the porches, and inside the house. I've been wanting a new wind chime (like, I don't have enough all ready!). Steve understand my "addiction" and took me to Tractor Supply to pick out another one.
I had a really difficult time deciding which one to bring home! They all looked so pretty. This one the butterflies twirl in the middle and has the loveliest mellow jingle underneath. My dear friend Vicki gifted specialty coffee called "Jamacia Me Crazy" and a pair of 4th of July earrings. She's always so sweet.

Today it's back to normal operating procedures. I'm washing clothes, cleaning the house, watering the flowers, picking up limbs (gently) in the yard, and so forth. Oh, and posting here, of course. I want to mow but Steve said, "Um, that's a big negatory!" 😁 He's more worried about me reinjuring the finger than I am. 

Our Church's new ministry is scheduled to start tomorrow. Many of us had been praying for a more active participation in the community to lead the lost to Christ and edify our neighbors. God laid it on our Pastor's heart to show up at the Rehab Center where his wife is currently residing to sing Hymns, witness, break bread with, pray with and give comfort to those that possibly have no one to care or anyone local to visit. I do so worry that some may not feel needed or loved. That's a terrible emotional state to be in. So a few of us have agreed to meet there around 10 am for a couple of hours a week. It's quite a distance for some in the Church, so, I am praying we can all afford the fuel to get there and back. I feel confident, though, that the good Lord God of all will provide according to His will. He always does. May it bring Him glory and more crowns to cast at Jesus' feet on that Glorious Day.

I'll leave y'all with this. Let's pray for boldness to keep witnessing for Christ, being generous & kind, and looking up for Him, and that we may be removed out of the way soon of the wrath to come. The Age of Grace clock must be swiftly running out. This in His Holy Word came to me this morning during devotional. God bless y'all. Thanks for stopping by.  πŸ’“


  1. I'm so happy you were celebrated in the manner you deserve! Your church's outreach to that Rehab facility has touched my heart. I don't suppose families deliberately forget/neglect their elders, but are more consumed with making a living, etc., etc., etc. Heartbreaking.

  2. I like wind chimes, too. Glad you had a wonderful acknowledgment of your birth-day. Makes you feel kinda special, doesn't it? Hugs

  3. Wonderful admonition verse today. Long ago Hubby and I used to be part of a team that would visit the facilities sing, pray and visit with the people there. I know that the new ministry will be a blessing to those you visit and also a blessing to you.
    Love your birthday wind chimes.

  4. I hope your community gets more together on the outreach.
    I love windchimes - I bet with all those chimes your property sounds heavenly.

  5. My dad was a pastor when I was a child and I grew up going with him to the nursing home ministries at the Chatham County nursing home and I remember how much it meant to them but it also means a lot and blessings to the people who go and visit. I did volunteer work at a nursing home for eight years. And there’s nothing like the blessing you received from going there

  6. I'm so happy you had such a lovely birthday! And I am happy also that your finger is healing so nicely. That is such a blessing. Your church's new ministry to the rehab facility is a wonderful ministry. Thank you and your church for doing that. Many dear folks will be blessed I am sure. Yes, take it easy and don't try to do too much too fast. Oh, I love the windchime. I enjoy having them also! Love to hear them chiming in the wind.

  7. It is good to see churches step up and many are doing so. About a month ago, a church we often listen to on line spoke about the Holy Spirit. I had not heard such a sermon in ages. As a child the Catholic priest who was our churches pastor taught us about the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost. I never forgot his words. So I was praying that God would have a pastor share the Holy Spirit and there He was. The pastor at the tiny church near our home is involved with the homeless population we have in our little town. Many are just in bad situations unable to get steady work due to homelessness. He helps by getting portable chargers for them so they can communicate with their loved ones. But now we have the mentally ill homeless taking the light rail to the burbs and they wander aimlessly. We live in such sad times. My mother would say pray harder and never stop trusting God so I take her words to heart. I love your birthday gifts and the windchime would have been my choice too. Praying for all the churches who are stepping up.

  8. The elderly at the home your church is targeting will benefit greatly from your volunteers visiting! God will help it come to fruition if that is where He wants you to be. I am glad you were celebrated well for your birthday and that Steve is taking good care of you and your injured finger!! Hugs!

  9. Sounds like you had a lovely birthday celebration. I pray everything works out with the new ministry at church. Thank you for the prayer and bible verse.


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