Friday, January 29, 2016

Something Inspirational

The rain and clouds have passed through. Now it's beautiful. How about something inspirational today? I received this video in an e-mail from my husband. Enjoy.

Have a blessed day my friends.


Linda Eller said...

Wow and wow. What an inspiring young lady and loving couple who I am sure, taught her to never give up. Thanks for posting Sparky...I loved watching.

Patsy said...

What a beautiful person!

Simply Linda said...

Beautiful, friend. Have a lovely day, Sparky!!!

Lulu James said...

OH WOW!!! Speechless---and embarrassed to think of all my excuses of why I can't!
Bless you for sharing!

Ed Bonderenka said...

Jennifer was adopted at three months old by Sharon and Gerald Bricker, who raised her alongside their three older sons.
Jennifer said: 'My parents told me, from as early as I can remember, that I was adopted, that my ethnicity was Romanian. They gave me self-esteem, encouragement, love, support and confidence. It had a huge impact on who I am today.'
The youngster, who was crowned power tumbling champion of Illinois at age 11, and says she 'came out of the womb, a gymnast', grew up inspiring everyone around her, yet her own idol was Dominique Moceanu, the youngest member of the US gymnastics team who won Olympic Gold.

'I always had such a connection to her, immediately. I saw myself in her, she was small and I was small. I knew she was Romanian, I was Romanian.' she said.
'She had that spunky little personality just like me. As a child I just related to her. I just saw that we were one and the same.'
Then when she turned 16, Jennifer realised she and Dominique had something else in common.
Jennifer said: 'I asked my mom if there was anything she knew about my biological family that I didn’t know so she goes and gets this big folder just full of papers and she says, you’re never going to believe this but your biological last name is Moceanu. I knew exactly when she said that my childhood idol was my sister.'
But four years passed before Jennifer could gather all the proof she needed to approach her biological sister who didn't know she existed.

Read more:

DaBlade said...

What a beautiful young lady, and such an inspirational tale.