Monday, November 23, 2015

Double Heaping Of Blessings Hodpodge

The giblets are simmering.

This year, we get to have two Thanksgivings. The 'free' turkey won at the local IGA has already thawed, so, husband said, "Better cook it now." Works for me! I never turn down those kinds of lovely smells. The Jack Russell Terrorists, especially Jack, haven't left the throw rug sitting near the stove all morning. He's such a moocher. There will be  the traditional cornbread stuffing, homemade turkey gravy, green beans, cranberry sauce, and mashed sweetened yams for dessert. There's probably more but I've drooled on the keyboard and have to stop to clean it up. *grin* Yum yum!

For the official day, we've been invited to our local dear friend's home for another happy repast. By the end of this week my belly will look like an overfed turkey. Guess I'd better steer clear of the woods. *lol*
El Cheapo Telephone Stand

Last Friday, my husband bought an antique telephone stand for only $19 at a local auction. This little number is solid wood, very well made. He's been refinishing and repairing the table as the weather permits all weekend. There's really plenty of furniture for our tiny living room but I wanted a small table next to the love seat. Fits nicely, don't ya think?

And it's finally cooled off in our neck of the woods. The sky is a deep blue, the air fresh and crisp. It's so pretty today. I think I'll start raking all the Long Leaf Pine needles that the wind left us this weekend. They would add a nice touch around the roses bed.

I hope everyone is having a good day and will be able to enjoy the holiday with family and friends. Thank you for visiting with me today.


Victor S E Moubarak said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Sparky.

I love that telephone table. Looks very smart.

Keep well and warm. It's getting very cold around here.

God bless.

Tina Leigh said...

That table is beautiful...I don't know if that's the before or after but wow! Looks great there by your sofa to. And I love the picture of your stove...gorgeous with the tiles & all. The meal sounds good! I think we are skipping the meal this year. Danny's parents have rented the People's State Bank lodge at the lake in Baxley for years and we all met there but it has been sold. We are unable to rent it anymore & can't find another meeting place big enough. So I think we are going to continue on our pecan harvest & be thankful for that. We will make up for the lack of food at Christmas! Lol! Hope yall have a blessed Thanksgiving! Take care & don't over eat...right! Lol!

Linda Eller said...

A great find in the table. It fits just right by the loveseat! Your thanksgiving meal,#1 that is, sounds so good, and to have #2 is extra special. Enjoy both my friend.

Wiregrass Steve said...

Table picture is an after. The table top had water marks, gummy residue on top and the decorative rail was missing. I stripped and refinished the top and made a new wood peg and rail. Will put the final finish on today.

Patsy said...

Nice table and fits right in.
Happy Thanksgiving !

Simply Linda said...

Steve is my hero!!! (smiles)---that is exactly what Dave would of done---I love the table...and prob would of insisted that it stay the way it was.wink

Thanks for the smiles...what time is dinner? giggling. Blessings

White Lace and Promises said...

Oh I love your kitchen! I miss my kitchen at home. This apartment living ain't cutting it. But I should be thankful for a roof over my head especially with so many who have nothing. I'm sure that I will look like I ate the whole turkey. Remember the Alka Selter commercial, "I can't believe I ate the whole thang." The wife responds, "You ate it, Ralph!" Anyway, I stopped by to say have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Jason and Michelle said...

Happy Thanksgiving!
Love the table.

Sparky said...

Thank you everyone! HAPPY THANKSGIVING to one and all. ~:)

Vee said...

Nothing better than two Thanksgivings! I heard a bimbo reporter saying that most Americans gain five pounds between Thanksgiving and the New Year. Oh I can do much better than that! =D