Sunday, October 18, 2015

Rambling Post

What can I say? Alcohol consumption is not the problem. It could be the B-12 deficiency. But, truly, there is no defense for the blog laziness of late.

The weather has turned crisp and inviting. I see from Simply Linda's post today that it's snowing in western New York. Our air temp was about 54* upon arising. Quickly, I busied myself with the morning routine so that I may go outside and "play". For me, that's playing in the dirt. Time to plant the Fall vegetable garden in Southeast Georgia. Whilst engaged in this activity, it came to my attention that no longer does the grass need mowing but the fallen oak leaves must be mulched. Also, I see that the Lantana and other flowering annuals must be trimmed ... and so forth. The fun never ends. But, you know, I wouldn't trade any of this for life in the Big City again, especially back in Florida (or, as I refer to it, Hades). As this Br'er Rabbit would say, I'd sooner live in this briar patch, all things considered. *grin*

Speaking of Hades, Hubby made a two-wheeled trip to that far off land to visit his ailing, elderly father. We don't share a good rapport, so, I kept the home fires burning. Hubby's report is that our once former home is much worse than when we left in 1993. Fascism is rampant (you know, Do This, Don't Do That, Can't You Read The Sign ... ?!). Ugh. There's much more liberty in our woods. I know, liberty, is such a dirty word to the politically correct these days. Thankfully, there are still vestigials of it hiding out if one looks.

The Boys (Jack and Sam) are all well. The are such easy dogs to care for, only requiring a weekly bath ... usually. However, I cleaned them up yesterday, and it lasted, oh, about 5 minutes. First thing they rolled in the powder dry grey soil beneath the nearest Red Cedar Tree. Their once white coats have a tint of grey. I should have named them Pig Pen 1 and Pig Pen 2. I give up on that score.

Both of us are full of piss and vinegar, as my mother would have quoted. In other words, feeling happy and full of energy. I miss my Mom. She passed in 1966. That was such a long time ago.

There have been rides but nothing of note that inspired flowery words to be penned.

But, I'm rambling.

That's about it. Very quiet, tranquil, clean cool breezes and seasonably pleasant here. Lookin' towards Halloween and the planned party with friends. I pray that your week will be blessed.


DaBlade said...

I love it when you "ramble" and look forward to more of the two-wheel variety!

Victor S E Moubarak said...

It's so nice to hear your news, Sparky. Thank you.

Here in the UK it is getting a little cold especially in the evenings. Thankfully no snow yet. It rained all day yesterday and most of today. So much so we now have webbed feet. But at least the plants don't need watering.

God bless you and yours.

Linda Eller said...

Sounds like a good day was had and hope the week ahead will even better. Maybe get the yard work done early in the week, and then ride, ride, ride. It has been beautiful weather and we must enjoy it while we can. Thanks for the ramble!

Carol B. said...

Your "rambling" is so much fun to read. Yes, it's me. I'm trying to catch up on everyone and posted a blog last night to let everyone know what's been happening here.

Your doggies sound very familiar. My white poodle would do the same thing. I had to keep him in the house until he got done drying himself on all the furniture. hahaha

We're having chilly weather too and I don't like it. I have so much outdoor work to do too. It's time to cut all my perennials.

You have a good week.

Lulu James said...

Glad to hear your voice today! LOVE digging in the dirt too---NOTHING like it!
Blessings, Friend!

Simply Linda said...'d you get that picture of me? (rofl)---after todays International Relations class and the near riot I caused---(on Sharia Law)----I need a drink. LOLOLOL---off to apologize to the professor, although, I think he enjoyed the "discussion" way to much, LOL

Patsy said...

Playing in the dirt is what life is all about. And a garden with your on veg is treat.
Those days are over for us. But--but were happy!
Been here what 2 weeks and our kids still have to much drama in their life. And the fun begins about the holidays coming up. (come to my house!!!

Ed Bonderenka said...

Sounds so pleasant.