Tuesday, October 13, 2015

PBS Home Fires

Home Fires Cast
(from the PBS Website)

Most American television is so awful. We've quit watching anything but 'reality shows' and HGTV. Anyone else hooked on PBS Masterpiece Theatre? One of the new ones, Home Fires, has really peaked my interest. There are two episodes that have aired so far and, I must say, it has been consistently entertaining. Very top drawer acting, directing, story, etc. October 18th at 8:00 pm EST Episode 3 is supposed to air. For all my fellow Downton Abbey fans, you'll recognize many of the British actors in the line up.

Synopsis of the story line from their website:
At the heart of a rural English village on the verge of the Second World War, a diverse group of women with personal struggles, conflicting views and a shared mission forge a community that will inspire their finest hour. Samantha Bond (Downton Abbey) and Francesca Annis (RecklessCranford) head an ensemble cast in the moving wartime drama, Home Fires. 
In August 1939, war with Germany is all but certain. While citizens of the isolated village of Great Paxford each face the prospect of war in their own way, all agree that they must do everything they can to hold their village—and their nation—together. But when the value of the largely social group, The Women's Institute, is called into question, forward-thinking Frances Barden (Samantha Bond) and snobbish Joyce Cameron (Francesca Annis) clash over the fate of the Institute and the roles its members can play, far from the front. 
Based on Jambusters, Julie Summers’ history of Britain’s Women’s Institute, Home Fires airs in six inspiring episodes on MASTERPIECE, Sundays, October 4 – November 8, 2015, at the special time of 8/7c on PBS.
I would definitely recommend this show.


Patsy said...

Thanks ,I will like this. Like you not much to see but trash and I am sick of Fox news.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Sometimes the BBC and ITV here in the UK make really good programs like Downton Abbey and the like. They are often shot on location in stately homes. Thankfully, many of these homes are still preserved in their time periods and open to the public.

God bless.

Simply Linda said...

I so love English/British programs and I am eagerly awaiting Downton's last season in January. Blessings

Linda Eller said...

I think you are related to my middle daughter. She is hooked big time on anything English and PB television. Me, still like 'who dunn its' and watch reruns all the time. Sleep well dear friend.

Lulu James said...

Thanks for the rec--sounds like my cup of tea (pun intended)!

Vee said...

Yours is the second rave review I have read in Blogdom. Blast that I have already missed so much, but I will try to catch up one day.

Vintage Girl 901 said...

Oh, I will have to find this. I love PBS. My husband has all his Favs and I don't know how to work the new TV. Will have to search for that one. I guess they have PBS in TN. I'm still adjusting. I admit I'm a little slow.

DaBlade said...

We have the same problem finding something on TV that's not trash. That said, this sounds like a chik flik :) We have settled on Netflix epis of Person of Interest. My son and I always seem to out-vote the woman of the house.

Chel at Sweetbriar Dreams said...

This was a good one to watch while Downton Abbey was still being filmed. We are in the last series of Downton now and have the penultimate one airing this evening. It will be a shame when it finishes and I just hope that ITV and BBC continue to make these dramas to this standard. Have a great week xx