Friday, October 30, 2015

Funny Friday And Bugs Bunny Broomstick Bunny

Halloween is such good, clean fun. Reminds me of my salad days. Along with the usual "funnies" today, there is a link to one of my favorite Bugs Bunny cartoons "Broomstick Bunny". (Deepest apologies to my European friends who many not be able to view the Youtube cartoon.)

That's my year round costume ... 

Wish I'd thought of that. 

 Ok, so I had to get one dig in ... *snort*

That's for you Linda at Me And Mine. *grin*


Victor S E Moubarak said...

Wonderful post Sparky. The video did play OK. I like it when the witch loses hairpins every time she runs away.

Happy Halloween.

God bless.

Simply Linda said...

LOLOLOL. Thanks Sparky.

Tina Leigh said...

Abra-kapokis! Pokis-kadabra! Newport News! Split a hare?! Oh I love love love that cartoon & I didn't even have to watch it to know those lines! Lol! And I have to watch the Great Pumpkin too! Both my grands will be here tonight. We are going to watch those cartoons & my son is helping them carve pumpkins. Hope yall have fun to!

Sparky said...

@Victor ~ That's my favorite part too! I'm so easily entertained. *grin*
@Simply Linda ~ You're welcome!
@Tina Leigh ~ I haven't carved a pumpkin in donkey's years. I'd probably cut my hand off. *giggle* Take lots of photos and share, if convenient. It would be a hoot to watch kids do this.
Thanks everyone.
Luv ~:)

DaBlade said...

Love Bugs and I remember that witch. Now I have a hankering for rabbit clavicle. Happy Cabbage day Sparky!

Z said...

particularly like the WALLET cartoon! SO TRUE!
Happy Halloween, you cute thing!